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Rain, rain go away

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22 Nov 2012, Bishan Swimming Complex



1545 h became 1630 h became 1715 h; the last change was 1800 h.

I waited 3 hours in all.

Swim class at 1500 h was cancelled but I hung around expecting the rain to stop – it didn’t (as forecasted). I could have trudged home, when it became clear the rain wasn’t going away soon. The handful of people who were already at the pool when the rain started, or who had showed up because they had also thought it was just a passing shower, left at some point.

But it was a slow weekend for me. I didn’t need to run off to another appointment or to walk the dog (already did, and wisely so, in the morning). Besides, there’s something about rainy days and the sound of rain…. time seems to slow down and we are lulled into a pleasant stillness. And so I hung out at the pool with my friends who couldn’t leave anyway – they were teaching and had classes lined up all the way to 1800 h. We talked; they pointed out people they knew to me; I met fellow course mates who left after waiting for some time; a handful more students showed up but left as the pool remained closed; I checked out one of the other swimming instructors (heh); and we just waited. It was surprisingly easy, really – divers are used to having to while away time during surface intervals between dives, which can last from 1 to 3 hours each time. Grin.

The all-clear was given by the weather station eventually, and we were allowed into the pool just before 1800 h. I swam for an hour and my friends got to teach their last, and only class, for the day.


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December 23rd, 2012 at 3:53 pm

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