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29 November 2012, Brauhaus



We could do with fewer assumptions about our friendships. Sometimes, a friend really doesn’t care about your past and ‘failings’, or needs to know everything about you –  she accepts you for who you are; or knowing more about other aspects of you makes no difference to how she feels about you and the friendship simply because she doesn’t attach significance to these things. In other words, it isn’t always about you.


Because it’s clear that you are just not a nice person. All the nice things you do cannot hide the unpleasantness, just like make-up cannot hide bad skin and unattractive features – and when the make-up has to come off, which it eventually has to, WAHLAU EH!!!


Alcohol loosens tongues. Heh. Heh.


* * *


So, I was looking the wrong way….

What’s with the teasing looks and smiles you 2 have been giving each other?


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November 30th, 2012 at 11:52 am

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