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Clear waters

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10 Feb 2010, Sunset at Cape Irizaki, Yonaguni, Japan


In between resisting the increasingly irresistible urge to compile a list of photos you would send a prospective employer if you aspired to be

[1] a court jester OR

[2] a Jeffrey Chung ‘model’ (quotation marks intended) OR

[3] NOT called for an interview;

and wondering if literacy had become pass̩ for aspiring marketing and corporate communications wannabes who insist on applying for a non-marketing and non-communications position; I found myself counselling one of my managers (who by the way, has more years on me, in years and work experience) on managing a much bigger team Рwhat she should be doing, as opposed to what she insists on still doing; thinking long-term and thinking big, as opposed to it just being all about herself.

And I realised how everything was so clear to me, how easily I laid out the cards on the table, how I just knew.

This, this is me.

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May 19th, 2010 at 1:08 am

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