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24 November 2012, Bishan-AMK Park


I couldn’t stop looking up today.

The skies were a luscious spread of clouds – big, small, puffy, streaky – whimsical strokes and splashes across an azure canvas. (They say a photo speaks a thousand words – not today.)

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon which might have been too hot to be outdoors but for the abundant cloud cover. We don’t get many such gorgeous skies. (Or maybe memory fails me, as it often does.)

The dog and I went for a long walk, and we hung out at the park, soaking in the sun and the beautiful, beautiful skies.

I was lost in contemplation of the artistry of azures, generous greens and nostalgic gold.

For a moment, it almost felt as if I was somewhere far away – wandering in Hyde Park again as I hugged myself in the chilly air; staring out theĀ  windows as the rental car sped through the open blue skies of Perth.

It was one of those moments you wish would last just a little longer, if not forever. But you know they never do; and that is why they are so precious and a wonder to behold – they teach us to live in the moment, in the present, and to appreciate what we have, and be grateful for every blessing, no matter how small, in whatever form they manifest in.


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December 1st, 2012 at 12:02 am

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