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Pausing, she looked uncomfortable, mentally assessing the response to my curiosity about her new beau.

“He’s…. very random. Everything about him is… random.”

They had met under the most random of circumstances, passing each other on the way to work for several days before familiarity led to looks, and then a smile, and the piece of paper with his number on it. She called him a few days later and they started going out.

She thought him strange, for he was not The Usual. He was The Adventurer; he sought through his travels and sporting pursuits, to Conquer; he only worked when he had to. In other words, he was Not Conventional.

“And yet you like him enough to continue going out with him.”

“We just click so well.”

I thought this was how it was with her best friend too, whom she had described as ‘strange’, though I kept the thought to myself for he was just seated nearby.

The look of perplexity crossed her face again and she sighed, as she often does.


* * *


She’s always been a strange one – as strange as she looks.

One day, she will accept who she really is.

But for now, she will remain the confusing creature of contradictions I’ve always known her to be.


Written by The Intimate Stranger

November 24th, 2012 at 9:11 pm

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