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Touch II

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I was never in danger of falling (core strength, cough).

But as I allowed my body to sway back with the moving train, it probably didn’t seem that way. (Or maybe unbeknownst to me, the commuter behind – it was a packed cabin afterall – was in danger of being hit by a falling tree. Laugh.)

He hesitated and then reached out – his left palm light against the side of my arm – until I regained my balance.

The train moved erratically again. In the stillness of those few seconds that hung between us, waiting, I reached out for his arm in response.


* * *


In the lull of conversation, in the absence of words, when words cannot speak for our hearts, we will fill the silence with touch.



Written by The Intimate Stranger

July 9th, 2012 at 11:33 pm

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