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Another fell and was carried by the rush of water up slope.

He turned, looking pleased with himself, to see if he had made me laugh.


* * *


“Don’t lean back,” he said, just before I lost my balance….

Later, as I moved into position to stand before him again, his voice was a tad softer and almost perplexed, “Why did you lean back?”

“I don’t know….” I mumbled and shifted my weight forward this time, leaning in just a little closer as we held onto each other’s wrists.


* * *


The 2 hours were almost up, and it was my last ride. I had fallen relatively quickly the last 2 times.

“Look at me.”

I turned my head away from my left shoulder, puzzled. We had been told to keep our eyes up and to look to the front.

“Your shoulders turn when you are looking to the front,” he explained.


But my eyes darted down as I felt my board turning against the flow of the rushing waters.

“Look at me! Look at me!”

My eyes flew back to his face and I let myself feel my feet shift the board parallel to the flow instead – another early exit averted.

I did not look away again – holding on to those languid wide eyes with their quiet warmth, trusting that I would not fall as my earlier panic faded into the background. He held my gaze as steadily, occasionally nodding in encouragement, even as a playfulness crept into his eyes and a knowing smile lit up his face. And I couldn’t help but smile too, bemused by this curiousness – at his little game. We beheld each other thus as I glided towards and away from him with every word he uttered, responding with every subtle shift of my body.

And then I felt the waters change beneath my feet. With a wordless gasp, I fell as its triumphant roar took over my senses again. Hands flying to my face (a reflex), my body surrendered to the coolness as it spun and swept me away.


* * *


Lest I forget, for the relentless waters of time are already bearing that beautiful sunny Friday afternoon away.


Written by The Intimate Stranger

February 26th, 2012 at 8:58 pm

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  1. And finally the RSS feed for your blog works.

    It was a pleasant surprise to read your words again.


    27 Feb 12 at 2.16 am

  2. And I thought I had disabled the RSS feed yesterday! Gee. Laugh.

    The Intimate Stranger

    27 Feb 12 at 7.50 am

  3. Hey you! :) Remember me? Thought I’d better let you know that I’ve been popping in. Hope you’ve been well!


    1 Mar 12 at 1.29 am

  4. Took me a while to remember (it’s been many, many years), but now I do :-) Hope you have been well too, and congratulations on the little family :-D

    The Intimate Stranger

    8 Mar 12 at 1.02 am

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