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“Hidden areas of your inner being are activated in this place. Memories of a distant past resurface. Limitations and suppressed wounds from the past become real again. The central theme to your existence is to free yourself from these, and you turn to people who claim to offer healing. You come in contact with unusual people, meet outsiders and people with healing abilities. These are often people with a charismatic appeal, specialising in one field. Here, you will find release from your old pain and this becomes a turning point in your life. Perhaps you would like to be a healer yourself. Chiron/Moon’s Nodes are a good introduction to the different techniques and methods of alternative healing. You will discover teachers prepared to share their knowledge and help you to find and use your healing powers.”


I will make it to NZ this year or next.

I must.

Written by The Intimate Stranger

March 19th, 2011 at 8:56 pm

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