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Testing the waters

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Skills Test passed! And I was amongst 40, out of a pool (ha ha) of 60, who were selected to proceed to the next stage of training to become a certified swimming coach (that is, if you wanted to teach in a public pool). This doesn’t necessarily mean that the others ‘failed’ the test. As places for the technical course were limited, only the better swimmers would be selected. I would say however, that a handful certainly looked like they needed swimming lessons first!

The Skills Test required us to swim each of the 4 strokes for 25 m. I was confident about passing — I knew I could swim all 4 strokes fairly well (though I’m aware that there’s still some way to go to perfecting my technique). In the past year, I’ve been (and still am) honing my pet strokes, the breast and free, and I’ve also spent time on becoming more proficient in my weaker strokes, the fly and back.

We were split into 6 groups (or details) and assigned in alphabetical order based on our surnames; I was in Detail 5 and got to check out the level of competition in the earlier groups which were tested first. We swam the breast first, followed by the fly, free and back; we got a breather in between strokes while waiting for the rest of the group to complete their swims.

Several of the swimmers swam a strong breast and the fly leg was quite competitive too. Interestingly, some of the candidates floundered in the free and back; there were few all-rounders. I was feeling really glad that I had trained for versatility by including Individual Medley sets in the last few months. It meant being spread thin, since the time could have been spent on my racing strokes, but I sure am feeling thankful now! Plus I’m definitely motivated about working harder on my versatility!

The technical module just started on Monday and will run for 2 months, after which I will sit for a theory, as well as a practical test. Thereafter, arrangements will be made for my training attachment.

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I had teased him about being single and said something about a closet. (We tease each other quite a lot.) In response, he leaned in and put his face up against mine. Close, too close. And for those few seconds, as I studied his face and his mouth up close, I actually contemplated leaning in… But of course I didn’t — not in public; not in front of our friends; not in front of other people who knew me (even if barely).

Later, as the teasing continued, he curled his leg around mine and pulled me under. Testing the waters, literally. Heh. Well, he certainly passed the Proximity and Touch Test. I don’t know how I did. But, whatever. Shrug. It is interesting however, that he didn’t hold himself back even though Uncle was around for that lesson — I guess they have come to some kind of… understanding.

And so, just as I’m losing interest (for various reasons) and becoming less conscious of his presence, he decides to tug on the line. Sigh. Must it always be so? It’s not even like I was trying hard to begin with. I guess I’ll just continue to focus on doing my own thing and only pay him sporadic (but just enough) attention.

If nothing else, at least I’ll still get my own stuff done and be able to move on with my life.

Besides, it’s probably in my favour at the moment that we all take our time ;-)


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September 11th, 2014 at 12:35 am

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