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“So _____,” The Primate called out my name and, in the presence of the whole damn lunch table which included 2 other colleagues, a visiting post-doc from Australia whose talk we had all just attended, and a colleague of The Scientist, “You wanted to know how to get to know _____ better right?” And then he arrowed The Scientist’s colleague to “organise” something.



What was I to do but laugh it off (??!!!) and make a halfhearted protest (though nary a denial of my interest), even as the otherwise all-male table perked up in surprise.

Thankfully, men being men (except for a certain childish specimen; and yes, I saw it coming from the calculated looks he kept giving me throughout lunch), the topic was quickly dropped after a short exchange amongst the group.

On the one hand, I was miffed that he had deliberately put me in a spot, and that he fudged the facts — The Scientist was the one who made his intentions known first. But I didn’t choose to correct this — it would have come across as defensive (and moot, in any case) and would not have worked in my favour. Besides, the way to deal with such behaviour is simply to NOT reward it with the expected response(s), or more childishness.

But more importantly, one should keep one’s eye on the goal always. Since the ball is no longer in a reluctant party’s court, things should start moving. Hey, whatever gets me what I want ;-)

PS: That’s one huge withdrawal that The Primate made from the Brownie Jar. This had better be worth it.

* * * * *


And so the madness begins. For the next 2 months, I’ll be juggling a twice-weekly coaching course, continuation of lifesaving training for the Distinction Award, training for 2 competitions (Masters and National Games), renovation planning and more work (yay, NOT).


And oh, The Mother has agreed to let me have The Dog. I just have to help her adopt a puppy. Onz :-D


Written by The Intimate Stranger

August 31st, 2014 at 2:14 am

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