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Once upon a time

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Tan Jia Cai Restaurant at Beijing Hotel, 25 Apr 2010


Here’s a confession.

I check out the Ex-communicated once every few months, or longer, over Facebook. No, he’s not on my friends list. And no, neither he nor I have attempted to ‘add’ the other. I’ll’d be surprised if he did – him being who he is, or rather was; I really can’t speak for who he is, now.

I heard from J some time ago that he has a kid. J’s wife is a colleague of the Ex-communicated’s sister. I understand that they are quite close, or rather were; I really can’t say what the situation is, now.

The latest profile photo of the Ex-communicated has him holding up his young daughter. I really can’t tell how old. I don’t have children nor take much notice of them. The little girl is rather cute though, I’ll have to say. Meanwhile, the Ex-communicated has aged. We all grow older – and old – of course. I know that.

But the thing about all that is, change. Situations change, people change, lives change.


My mother was never one of those – you know, the ones you hear about and raise your eyebrows or drop your jaw – who harassed her daughter to get a boyfriend and get married. I actually think my mother is simply torn between wanting all that and yet fretting her three daughters will get married to the wrong man. (Now, did that raise a few eyebrows? Laugh.)

So no, I never did have that sort of pressure from my mother. Neither did I have it from the mother who was not mine – because she was busy harassing her son to get another girlfriend and get married.

Yes, really.


How far my path and your path had diverged.

It was strange looking at your future, so different from my now.

And I realised that it was because it was a future I never could see myself in while we were together.

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June 7th, 2010 at 11:42 am

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