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Had a lovely 6D5N diving holiday in Brunei. Went with only one other friend as the others weren’t interested; and I lost interest in getting the Tulamben gang *and* the Swede to come along after the latter’s sulky girlfriend showed up at the pool and practically stood guard over her possession. Ha. Ha. Ok. Ok. You can have him all to yourself.

As we went after Vesak Day, the dive centre was off-peak and there were not as many divers; most of whom were not staying at the centre in any case as some were locals or expats based in Brunei. My friend and I also had our own rooms.

I therefore got to enjoy a lot of ‘me’ time and more rest/sleep. Bliss :-)

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“I’ve seen your breast. It’s quite good.”


Only at the pool can a guy say this to me and not get Xena-Warrior-Princessed. But I think it’s high time FINA renames the breaststroke. Gah!!

Anyway, I now have a pacing partner at the pool :-) This, when I started training for the recent meet and he found out that I’m into competitive swimming. He asked to train together so he could get back into shape as well — he was a former national swimmer back in his own country. So, he’ll be providing the training programme and also helping to fine-tune my technique. Cool :-) And erm, he appears to be the hands-on type. Haha. We’ll see where this goes….


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May 19th, 2014 at 11:27 pm

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