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I’d thought that the yoga (especially) and Muay Thai would give me the extra edge in the pool. And they did help with the swimming — better flexibility and breathing rhythm — when I was building up my aerobic fitness several months back so I could swim more laps without stopping.

But it was really when I pushed myself and included a few mini 100 m Individual Medley in my swims that I saw significant improvements — completing a 50 m Fly and better anaerobic fitness. I was also surprised when I found myself holding yoga poses almost effortlessly, and skipping faster for my Muay Thai warm-ups.

And then I started serious anaerobic training in the pool in preparation for the recent swim meet.

When I returned to Muay Thai post-competition and after a 8-week hiatus, the aerobic warm-ups were a breeze and I barely huffed through 4 rounds of pad work. Wow.

My legs and knuckles didn’t cramp and weren’t sore. My punches and kicks were faster and a lot easier and I didn’t feel lactic build-up. My reaction time was faster too.

Certainly the stronger arms and legs helped. But I reckoned that the painful tui na sessions I endured made a huge difference too.

I’m feeling so chuffed with the results from this new combination of intense pool work and physical therapy. Can’t wait to start strength training and see how the trio performs. Excited!


Written by The Intimate Stranger

May 10th, 2014 at 1:51 am

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