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As in High-Definition, but in Real Life. Heh.

Slowly but surely, am seeing the beginnings of definition in my arms, back, abs and legs. Yeah! And stretch marks on my legs??? Wa. The weight is also holding steady at 60 kg, which I haven’t been for a year or thereabouts.

It’s certainly from the cumulative swimming over the past year, but I felt a real difference in my physical conditioning after I started training all 4 strokes the past few months. Not only did this give my body a more thorough and intensive workout, I was also pushing several limits — working parts of my body that I hadn’t before, building strength and stamina in order to get through the more intensive work-outs.

But I’ve also been feeling more tired and in need of sleep :-/ Naps have become regular on weekends. Oh well. Shrug. Sleep is always nice to have :-)

Feeling chuffed :-)

2 more months :-)


Written by The Intimate Stranger

February 26th, 2014 at 12:25 am

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