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Round 2!

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The annual inter-agency meet — and my first race for 2014 — will be on 26 April. Woohoo!! And I’m feeling chuffed that I’ve gotten myself 3 months’ notice this time around — went to ask the sports convenor instead of just sitting around and waiting for the usual event announcement. I had only a month to prepare last year and I didn’t have the benefit of a whole year of serious swimming and additional race experience.

Oooo, so much to do in the meantime! Goal sheets and training plans to draw up, physical conditioning, diet adjustments, racing gear to put together (still waiting for the initial fast suit to be exchanged for a bigger size), and of course more swimming!!! :-D

Also, I now can start scheduling my other plans for the year ahead and set some of them in motion.

Go, me!


Written by The Intimate Stranger

February 3rd, 2014 at 11:19 pm

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