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Shoulders and back are sore from all the butterflying and IM work over the past few weeks. So, no pool action for 1 to 2 days while I recover — though it won’t be a complete rest since I’ll be going for yoga classes to stretch out the body and do some cross-training for flexibility and core strength.

But I’ve made some progress and can now swim the 50m fly, 200m and 100m IM more comfortably — aesthetics is another matter, ha ha. My distance freestyle is also improving, and I don’t get breathless as much. I’ve tweaked my breathing pattern to gain greater control over my breath, and am thus able to relax more and focus on correcting my strokes and swimming longer.

The Mastering Swimming book I recently picked up has helped in many areas. Swimming is not just about the stroke. Having a keen water sense or an intimate feel for the water is also essential. Being able to relax (as opposed to fighting the water), breathe naturally and easily, and having good balance and streamlining to reduce resistance, will help one to swim better. There are also very useful tips on physical conditioning and planning workouts, such as setting shorter-term goals which will help to track progress while working towards the bigger long-term goals; varying workouts to allow for different intensities and sufficient time to recover; cross-training (flexibility and core strength — hallooo abs!!) which also helps to break the monotony and keeps one going; and most important of all, recovery periods.

Certainly, as I ramp up pool workouts to 40 laps each time (which is only less than half of what competitive swimmers do per session and they train twice a day), I’ll have to be more disciplined about committing to weekly yoga sessions and backing off at least 1 day a week to allow the body to recover.

New year, new goals, new races :-)


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January 6th, 2014 at 12:34 am

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