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Still writing. Yes.

As a writer friend once said, practice is important. And never stop writing. Another writer’s advice was that even if it’s bad (hopefully, not forever, ha ha), just keep going because the more you write, the chances of producing something good within that heap of nonsense will also increase.

It’s like swimming. Progress in my Butterfly was slow because I simply didn’t put in the time. While I could do a decent 25 m swim, I didn’t push myself further because past the mid-point, I would start to weaken very quickly — my arms dragging the surface and my body position dropping. Basically, I just look bad.

There is only so much I can get out of instructional videos and general physical conditioning (from training the other strokes). I have to grind.

And so, thickened hide in place, I’ve hung on past 25 m, and fly-dragged myself over the second half of the pool. What’s also helped tremendously is starting out with 3 to 5 underwater butterfly kicks to cover some distance, and breathing every stroke, instead of every other, which kept me going since I didn’t feel like I was on the verge of passing out anymore. Laugh. Well, I can now swim a 50 m Butterfly — albeit not very pretty, but there’ll be time to work on that — and I completed a 200 m Individual Medley in 4:15, Christmas evening. Yay.

So, I’ll keep writing. Even if it’s been all about swimming, for now. Hehehe. And because it’s something I’m passionate about, maintaining the momentum and keeping the words flowing will not be difficult.


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December 26th, 2013 at 2:48 am

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