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2 birds 1 stone

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Itching from sunburn after the heavy cloud cover suddenly gave way to a blazing sun at noon.

But I enjoyed my swim otherwise. There were few swimmers — just 2 of us at one point. I didn’t have to expend extra energy on water turbulence and stroke control was good with the ‘clean’ water, a rarity :-)

Worked on my 50m Fly and was pleasantly surprised at the 50s timing — I felt more like a drowning dog in the last 15 m. Ha. Ha. Attempted another lap but ran out of breath with 10m left. Sigh. Guess I need to work on it more to becomeĀ  efficient at stroke and breath control — I can usually fly well the first 20-25m but die out quickly because I just become breathless. I used to feel this way too with my Free, though it’s obviously less demanding. Funny huh, for someone who can do 100 laps continuously on the Breast.

In the meantime, I’m trying something which will hopefully help me build up my endurance and breath control. It’s really a 2-birds-1-stone approach. I’ve started working on a mini 100m Individual Medley with stroke changes mid-lap; eventually I will do a full IM.

So basically, I continue to push myself after the Fly — transiting into the Back, Breast and finally Free. Though the other 3 strokes are less strenuous, the IM is by no means a walk in the park. Afterall, I’m already breathless after the Fly. While flipping onto my back for the next 25m helps me to catch my breath, some effort is still required to settle quickly into the change and maintain stroke integrity. I also need to adjust my breathing pattern. Clocked a respectable 1m 54s for today, and should be able to bring it under 1m 50s by end of the month.


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December 15th, 2013 at 6:59 pm

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