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I read Phelps’ book right after Thorpe’s, and the change in pace and tone was rather striking.

I enjoyed following both swimmers’ journeys to becoming Elites, their personal challenges and their stories. But, the older and more reflective Thorpe is sometimes angsty and regretful. Afterall, the book was written years after his premature retirement, and as he was attempting a comeback — unsuccessfully.

Phelps on the otherhand, was a youthful 19 when Beneath the Surface was written, and fresh off Athens with a haul of 6 golds and 2 bronzes. And, he was still peaking. The voice in the book is that of a young man, the pace is a lot more upbeat, and certainly, the stories were more entertaining :-) I suppose it was also the fiercely competitive “I hate to lose” streak in Phelps that kept him focused and whatever personal issues he had were simply drowned out. Now this one obviously had no regrets :-)

I’ve just ordered his next book No Limits: The Will to Succeed, published post-Beijing and after his greatest feat of all.  But it’ll take about a month to be brought into Singapore.

So, from Olympians with size 18 feet and wingspans of 2.03 m, I’ve moved on to Nick Vujicic’s Life Without Limits. I remember thinking, when I first saw a photo of his smiling face a few months ago, that this didn’t look like someone who was born and grew up differently. There was this calmness in his face, and his smile radiated like an aura around him.

And I just had to read his story.


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