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Going the distance

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Another 5 km swim, almost a year later. Breaststroke again. Managed to go under 2 hours this time, though I hadn’t set that as a goal. I stopped the Garmin Swim watch at 1 h 57 m 35 s. I was averaging 1 m 10 s per lap, which is just 2-4 s slower than when I do my usual 20 to 30 lap swims, so that’s really good.

Rested on Thursday as I was feeling fatigued, but went for a fairly intensive Muay Thai session on Friday which gave me achey arms and shoulders. Still, this afternoon’s long swim was mostly effortless :-) It helped that it was cloudy and I didn’t have to fight a crowd and choppy waters.

The hardest part is always the first 10 to 20 laps. That’s when I have to set a pace, and settle into the swim mentally so that I would not be deterred when the inevitable soreness or pains set in — and they did. My ankles took turns; my lower back was sore; and with 30 laps remaining, fatigue did start to set in. I didn’t ignore the pain, but focused instead on swimming through it, and after a few laps, I was lost in The Zone again. After the initial laps, it was plain sailing and I just followed the blue lane markers at the bottom of the pool, or simply spaced out. Honestly, 2 hours felt more like less than an hour — I was that comfortable :-) My legs were wobbly after the swim but that’s fine since they did most of the work.

Rested an hour and then it was swim class. We went 2 full laps on the Fly and I surprised myself by making it all the way to the wall. The last 15 m was not very pretty though. Laugh. But I now have the confidence to work on a full lap — I do remember being able to do it as a teenager though I was told my stroke could be better. It’s still too early to tell if I would race the Back or Fly next year but I guess I should start taking initial times next week and then look at my progress in the next 1 to 2 months.


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November 23rd, 2013 at 10:57 pm

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