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2 more weeks

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The point of competition is to compete. It’s to take on the biggest challenge. When you compete against the very best, it makes you better.

~ Michael Phelps

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The start list is out — I won’t be swimming against last year’s winner :-/ It’s good news for my medal goals, but I was really hoping to swim against J this year after a whole year of preparations. She’s swimming in the Open category instead. Shrug. Anyway, there are a few new faces amongst the Veterans, so that is providing enough excitement as I suss out the competition and unknowns ;-)

1 more week to train before I start tapering and allowing my body to recover and rest for the big day.

My trial times are OK — I haven’t swum the times I’ve hoped for but they’re decent for competing, given my late start with the really intensive training. I still feel ‘off’ on some days but I guess I’m just tired from training and not getting as much sleep as I should with the additional demands on my body.

I’m looking at swimming PBs of 32-33 seconds for the Free and 45-ish for the Breast. I’ll need a fast and great start, push through the pain in the last 25 m, and ram the wall like I really, REALLY, want to win.

I’ll need to rest well these 2 weeks, and keep it together on the day itself.


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April 13th, 2014 at 1:28 pm

April is here!

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April is finally here!! And I’ve been waiting, and preparing, a whole year for this.

4 more weeks.


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April 1st, 2014 at 1:25 am