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24 Jan 2013 – Clean slate.


A mudra is a symbolic or ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism. In yoga, mudras are used in conjunction with yogic breathing exercises, generally while seated, to stimulate different parts of the body involved with breathing and to affect the flow of energy in the body. Each area of the hand has a reflex reaction in a specific part of the brain; applying light pressure to these areas ‘activates’ the corresponding regions of the brain. A mudra locks and guides energy flow.

The Shuni Mudra, also known as the ‘seal of patience’, is formed by joining the tips of the middle finger and thumb. The middle finger represents Aakash and courage to hold duty and responsibility. The thumb represents fire and divine nature. This gesture symbolises patience, discernment, focus and discipline. When used during meditation, Shuni Mudra can help encourage patience and the courage to fulfill one’s responsibilities. It also helps to develop noble thoughts and turn negative emotions into positive ones.

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Time to shed. And to mark another phase of my personal/spiritual development.


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January 24th, 2013 at 10:43 pm


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There’s something hypnotic about this self-portrait series on falling.

“It asks the question of what it means to resist the struggle, to simply let go. Or what are the consequences of holding on?”

I used to have nightmares about falling from great heights.

And I’ve had my fair shares of falls in real life; nothing life-threatening – a number of head-floor connections, a few sprained wrists and fingers, bruised egos aplenty and even the occasional giggle at myself (I know right; I blame the multiple concussions). Mostly, not fun in the aftermath.

But in that split second when you are suspended, freed from the tethers of Physics, weightless, soaring even (when you are going fast enough, heh heh)…

And then Gravity claims your ass. Oww.

You remember that moment, don’t you? That moment you stop fighting, and just surrender yourself to the moment, to these strange sensations.

Nothing else matters. Certainly not your preconceived notions of how things ought to go or be. We just need to laugh a little more; love a little more; and just live. LIVE.




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January 10th, 2013 at 10:36 pm

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Let’s get physical

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1 Jan 2013 – 5 km swim in 2 hours 10 minutes :-D


The last time I swam 100 laps was at least half a lifetime ago, if not longer. I used to swim everyday when I was in Secondary School (nothing better to do; plus I was too ugly to date though I was distracted enough by boys, ha ha).

Hell, I wasn’t sure if I could do it this afternoon. The last time I attempted a long distance swim – probably about a year ago – I made it to 60 laps. I stopped due to exhaustion and pain. Granted, I went much slower this time. I was nowhere near breathless nor was I even breathing heavily. Neither were my limbs aching like the last time.

I started advanced swim classes a month ago and have been working on achieving a more streamlined profile in the water and fine-tuning my technique. Sure, I can already swim pretty well, but I wanted to be a stronger swimmer, and I wanted to pick up the butterfly stroke again.

Who knew these relatively minor tweaks made such a difference? While I no longer possess youthful stamina and brute strength, I now make up with better posture and technique. And, I’ve gotten fitter in the last one year from maintaining a busy exercise regime comprising mostly yoga, weekly dance which was replaced with Muay Thai when my preferred dance class – street jazz – was no longer available (hip hop was not ideal because of the repetitive stress on my knees), roller-blading and occasionally swimming on the weekends. I’ve also focused on gaining greater body awareness in all the activities, rather than just building aerobic fitness.

What made it a challenge though, was persevering and holding on until the 100th lap. As my yoga teachers like to say, you can do anything if you just put your mind to it.

And I will need willpower more than anything else to make it through 2013.


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January 1st, 2013 at 9:39 pm

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