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Light and Darkness

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Interesting lattice work on a door, The Forbidden City, Beijing, 24 Apr 2010


Those walls he kept talking about finally came down. And I was surprised at his…. honesty – with himself. It’s about time, I should think.


I hadn’t guessed at the extent of The Other’s skeletons. But come to think of it, it’s not something I find hard to believe. Perhaps, that was what drew me to him so many years ago – that something in him that I can’t quite put my finger on.

And, perhaps too, him to me? Hmmm.

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May 25th, 2010 at 12:36 am

Pixar Exhibition, 2 Apr – 27 Jun 2010

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Woody and Buzz Lightyear, characters from Pixar’s first CGI-animated film – Toy Story (1995)


I must confess I’m not a big fan of animated films. I’ve always thought of them as ‘kiddy films’. And, where cinemas were screening ‘kiddy films’, there would be hordes of screaming kids, kids kicking me in the leg or the back of my seat, kids trying to get their parents’ attention during the movie, kids crying somewhere in the cinema…. well, you get the drift.


Sullivan and Mike from Monsters Inc (2001) – one of my favourites

Cars (2006)


But, film-making technology has made amazing headway in the past several years, and the story-telling, leveraging on this new technology, has also become much more sophisticated. Whether the characters are inanimate objects like toys and cars, inarticulate animals or mere figments of our imagination, they all take on a believable life of their own and while they’re at it, charm our socks right off – even, gasp, rats. Grin.


Ratatouille (2007) – Another favourite; I have a soft spot for rats :-)

Finding Nemo (2003)

The Incredibles (2004)


I don’t suppose I’ll be catching many more animated films than before, advances in technology and better story-telling notwithstanding. But you can always count me in for a good story or a good laugh, and if a film, animated or otherwise has that, I’m in :-)

And oh, I’ll make do with an animated version of Robert Pattinson anytime too :-)~~~~ I’ll even forgive the hordes of screaming females, females kicking me in the leg or the back of my seat (in excitement), females screaming everywhere in the cinema. Laugh.


Thank you BAND very much for the kind invitation to the Pixar Exhibition :-D Though you might want to remind enthusiastic exhibition minders to go easy on bloggers who do have their media passes. I know they’re just doing their job. But guess what, so am I ;-) (albeit UNPAID work).

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May 22nd, 2010 at 10:09 pm

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2 more days

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May 20th, 2010 at 11:45 pm

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Clear waters

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10 Feb 2010, Sunset at Cape Irizaki, Yonaguni, Japan


In between resisting the increasingly irresistible urge to compile a list of photos you would send a prospective employer if you aspired to be

[1] a court jester OR

[2] a Jeffrey Chung ‘model’ (quotation marks intended) OR

[3] NOT called for an interview;

and wondering if literacy had become pass̩ for aspiring marketing and corporate communications wannabes who insist on applying for a non-marketing and non-communications position; I found myself counselling one of my managers (who by the way, has more years on me, in years and work experience) on managing a much bigger team Рwhat she should be doing, as opposed to what she insists on still doing; thinking long-term and thinking big, as opposed to it just being all about herself.

And I realised how everything was so clear to me, how easily I laid out the cards on the table, how I just knew.

This, this is me.

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May 19th, 2010 at 1:08 am

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Whatever you do, don’t look down….

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8 Feb 2010, Lighthouse at Cape Irizaki, Yonaguni, Japan


The thing about heights? Just don’t look down. That’s how it is with me, anyway.

That’s also what most of my nightmares are made of – falling from a great height, while clinging to some very, VERY high AND shaky structure (sometimes a building, sometimes a tree, sometimes a pole of sorts – but always, they are horribly high and they are terribly shaky).

I still have these dreams, but not as often.

Strangely enough, I’m always tempted to jump whenever I look out the window of a high-rise building.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Once again – so much work, so little time.

I’ve to keep reminding myself to stay focused and prioritise or I’ll surely go into a full-blown panic attack. All the more pity because I know I CAN do this job, and do it well.

But it wouldn’t matter either way in more than a week’s time. Strange how the job lead came about. I thought it was a little bird that told. Or maybe the universe heard my rants, after an incident which made me reassess if I wanted to waste my newfound skills on less…. ‘worthy’ (???) pursuits.

Fingers crossed. (Not eyes, for sure.)

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May 13th, 2010 at 1:30 am