It was a strange direction to be looking in, and so intently. The LED announcement panel was to the left, not right. Right, where she was leaning against the pillar, reading a book. Left, just an arm's length away, where his body was almost fully turned towards hers.

There was a certain intensity to the stare, the kind that willed the object of interest to raise her head and answer that silent call. Except that she was too engrossed in Aqua Erotica.


He found himself standing at the edge, looking across the misty chasm of possibilities. Past the half screen of hair resting on her pale green blouse. At her. Lost in words. He inched a little closer along the pillar. Body leaning in, a few times, but never quite far enough. Feet taking a few exploratory steps about, but never quite close enough. Knuckles crackling in the expectant air. The flesh willing. The spirit weak.

By now, her awakened senses followed his every restless move. She knew that if she had just looked up, did not shrivel at the face she knew would still be looking at her, and smiled, he would have made the leap. But she continued reading. Lost in words.

...... MINUTES. Ticking.

As the train pulled in, he moved towards the doors. She looked up. Curious. Into the intensity of his waiting gaze. It was not someone she knew. Though, it was not someone she would not have liked to know. She returned to her book.

As the doors parted with a sigh, she moved forward, even as another transiting mass from the other platform, swarmed towards the doors and around her. Lost in people. She lingered a distance behind him. But at the doors, he managed to drift to her side. Waiting. As they stepped into the train, he brushed the back of his hand against hers. Skin on skin. Connecting.

She moved away and made her way to the middle of the cabin, weaving amongst facelss bodies. Then, turned away from where she thought he stood near the doors. Lost in people.

Skin on skin. All possibilities ended.

(c) k. 6 february 2004.