The Last Dance

Tonight, for the first, the last, and the only time, I informed the excitable 17-year-olds, and a particularly persistent 20-something Finned One, that the "girl's voice" belonged to a 35-year-old who was also old enough to be his mother. Yeaaap.

And I think that pretty much would be the LAST time the 17- and 20-something-year-olds in the guild would try to chat me up again. I just can't handle another line about being "a really nice person" (because he doesn't swear like the other guys on the guild channel) and "a young gentleman" - and by way of definition, "young" meaning "not old", as the same Splintered One who clearly had a taste for his foot in his mouth, declared proudly to me.

So, mothers, please keep your 17-year-olds away from this one. She's dangerous alright.

What has 3 heads and 6 limbs?

Ya. I've been really busy. Grunt.

Ya. REALLY busy. Grunt.

Time hasn't quite flown so fast since, oh, I dunno. Grunt.

So in addition to my own work, overseeing other people's work, training the new staff and occasionally barking at the flock, I had to take over another big project just as one of my managers took off for a 2-week break to have sex spend quality time with the new husband who she has been "neglecting" (probably because she's spending so much time nursing a crush on The Master). Ya. So I guess I won't be having too much of a life in the next few weeks. Well, she had better come back in 2 weeks' time absolutely fucking glowing. Because she's going to have to live off that glow when I get her back into the pen. Grunt.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I haven't tied someone's tongue in a long while. But come to think of it, Scissors Man has got a rather likeable face. So maybe Master Bok was just a little off on his timing...




The Sky is Falling

Don't you just hate it when shit starts flying on the first day of the week? (Actually, it already started flying over the weekend, but that's another story, which some of you have already guessed.)

So on a scale of 1 to 10, I think we are somewhere past 8 now with several smaller aftershocks. It's quite surprisingly really - nevermind how most of it was probably just waiting to blow up - how everything just decided to start flying at the same time.

Still, I didn't think it was a fair comment about the missed timeline especially when several efforts were made earlier to not miss it, and then people just decided they would like to make up their minds at the latest possible moment AND then proceeded to change their minds, which led to another frantic flurry of activities.

Ah well. But that's life eh? And what doesn't kill you will surely make you stronger - or prepare you for a bigger bucket of shit. Heh.


"So what do we do now?"

The Youngest looked up at me.

"What CAN we do about THIS?"

There was no need for words.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, you'll excuse me for being more interested in the circumstances surrounding his admission instead of rushing over to ask how he was, like the others had.

We were looking for answers when we went through the phone records. We had not expected to find more questions needing answers - and they better be damn good ones.

In Retrospect

"In the 7th lunar month from 19 August to 18 September 2007, you will have good opportunities in love. Grab this chance. If a good man appears, do not attend funerals or it will drive your good luck away."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Master Bok, you bluff me :-(

But seeing as to how work just got KNN fucking crazy busy, I guess it won't be making a difference afterall?

"I guess you must be crazy busy lately"

Make that FUCKING crazy busy.

So when I get home every night or go off (work) for the weekend, all I want to do is lose myself in unproductive "waste time" activities - like WoW, laugh at someone's photo and make really mean remarks, work at my new career as a professional stalker, laugh at Fart Boy's photo and insist he take off his shirt the next time we meet so I can judge for myself if the rippling shoulders and back were photoshopped, give running commentaries of my MSN conversations to The Best Friend and offer to recite online porn to her - all of which certainly do not further my career or personal life in any way, and probably just earned me another 7 years of bad karma. Snort. I maintain that it was more likely the case that the adults had grabbed their poppet and ran away from the neighbourhood paedophile.

Meanwhile, I have picked up yet another unproductive "waste time" activity and am going around pestering people to "take one for the team". Wink. Wink. Hint. Hint.

Ah well... I guess I just need to... I don't know... let my mind wander off... slow down... remember what it was like to be the 'old' me...

No prizes for guessing who I sent this to*...

*(Though I should qualify that Fart Boy should have been the one sending this card.)

For more cards with a difference, visit

Bad Hair Day

Actually, more like EVERY day for the past two months. Damn the in-between-rebonding-hair - the last round resulted in a few weakened locks which have to be grown out. Sob. I have been resorting to L'oreal Invisi'FX, and the last few days, it was a hairband (that actually fitted my plus-size head, yay) to hold down the crown. And this morning when I looked into the mirror, I could have sworn I was beginning to look like my big-fluffy-haired warlock. No shit.

Sans the hot bod unfortunately. Sniff.

A M E X presents . . .

A.L.L N.I.G.H.T. L.O.N.G.

@ The Emerald Hall, Siloso Beach, Sentosa
Saturday, 8 September 2007, 6.30pm to 5.00am

This weekend, lucky lil' me will be joining 399 other party-goers at Urban Beach Bash - the first in a series of highly exclusive and exciting L.I.V.E. Platinum parties by American Express® Platinum Credit Card over the next two months.

And I'm dumping WoW (really) and a chance to upgrade my healing gear (yes, REALLY) for the following:

  • FREE food

  • FREE drinks

  • Live percussionists (I lurrrve percussion-anything!) and the eclectic mix of soul, disco and jazz, including exciting performances by International DJ Julius Papp with Morrison, and DJ Angela Flame with Clinton Carnegie and Tabla Maniam.

  • Event hosts Allan Wu :-D~~~ and Angela May

  • Jungedelics (junge-whaaat???), fashion runway show, BBQ by the beach, bonfires and fire twirlers, beach spa and shisha corners.

  • The taste of the new and exclusive commemorative cocktail, Pure Platinum.

  • The 29-gone-on-to-30 Sister - whose first response to my invitation was "I wan I wan", followed by "Can wear bikini?" (Heh. Heh. Heh.)

Oh, and have I mentioned that the wonderful people at Ogilvy gave me an additional 5 exclusive invites - which have since been snapped up by readers/friends? ;-)

Don't Give You Face, Can?


Being my mortified response when The Master asked if I was on Facebook - because he had just jumped on the bandwagon AND so had The Others.

I got home tonight and found that he STILL went ahead to add me as a slave friend.

Rrright. Like I'm going to approve the request and have him read about how I had met my friends after stalking them online (and vice versa); being hit on the head by someone's wriggling bottom (leopard-printed no less); babysitting (?!!); and other mostly dodgy deeds. (Yes, I know about the privacy settings.)

Besides, I wouldn't have been able to resist writing a cheeky "How Do You Know XXX" IF I had added him. Snicker.

But hey, I sure as hell got a laugh after finding out his stripper name (obviously knows nothing about privacy settings) - Rodney Thunderspot. Hahahahahahaha!!!