Turning White

In the last half a year, Elmo has started to turn white around the muzzle, and particularly around the eyes. It started with some stray white hairs but now, the browns are fighting a losing battle - rapidly.

My dog is getting old.

And so am I.


At his request, I lifted my hands onto the table, palms facing up.

His eyes widened and he did a strange head-shake-that-quickly-became-a-nod as he affirmed his earlier advice:

"Yes, you must not worry too much. All will be well. But you must remember to not 'think' too much."

Death Star Humour

"No! Fuck off or I'll kill you with a tray!!!"

In Retrospect

"In the 8th lunar month from 19 September to 18 October 2007, spend more time with loved ones. For example, go to the beach to jog and exercise or play ball games. It will be good for your life and improve your health and romance. It will also be good for your physically and mentally. Don't get involved in other people's affairs or invest (whether stocks or properties)."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The launch is finally over.


Four more months left of the lunar year. I think I'm going to need more than double the number of 3 heads and 6 limbs to survive.

Yes, it's all YOUR FAULT again

I was bent over the basin washing my face, when mum called out my name from behind - in that disapproving I-saw-your-tattoo-whydidyougetatattooyouareagirl!!!aiyaaaah!!! voice. (Ooops-not-really-ihadintendedtotellyoubutijusthaventfiguredouthow.)

The back of my shirt had slipped down and Mum finally met my invisible friend.

That didn't go too badly, I thought - until Mum wanted to know where The Best Friend had HER tattoo. "Who asked you to do it? Did SF ask you to do a tattoo too-aiyaaaah!!!whyyoualwayslistentoher!!!" Laugh.

I guess I should bring The Best Friend home one of these days so Mum can see for herself how unmarked and unpierced she really is. And I guess I should wait a while before I get the nose pierced, yes?

Pity you can't really make out numbers from the tattoo - that would have been a good way to distract my 4D-crazy parents.

The Secret to Having a Bad Day

Today I damn fucking dulan lor.

Morning kena blur sotong taxi driver, who was waiting close to 10 minutes on the wrong side of my block and then after I found him, tried to acquaint me with the neighbouring blocks. I don't think I've ever screamed at someone in that high a pitch.

Back in the office, I discovered a few loose ends which I thought had already been taken care of before the handover. Thankfully, they were easily taken care of with minimal fuss, and I didn't even curse a breath.

Just as I was settling down into the quieter evening hours (read: after the regular 8-hour workday was over and people who insist on bothering me had gone home to bother their own families) to get my own work done, the blur sotong vendor, who was also working overtime, called about a problem -

A problem which I had hoped wouldn't happen again given that it had already happened before and I had made it very clear to the blur sotong vendor the first time that my bark would not be worth a revisit (I didn't think my voice could go any higher after this morning, but it did);

A problem which I had nevertheless prepared to have happen again, and so had given the new girl - who understandably will be a little blur sotong, though to be fair to her, she has proven to be a fast and keen learner otherwise - very precise instructions to follow-up closely and even told her why I needed her to follow-up closely with the blur sotong vendor;

A problem which was compounded by another problem caused by another - obviously, as this evening's revelation proved, also blur sotong - vendor who I hadn't expected to screw up such a simple job;

Well, you get the picture. After some damage control, I decided to fuck work and went to yoga class to blow off some steam.

So there's going to be a whole lot of barking and biting tomorrow, I reckon, when everyone is back at work.

Or maybe not. Maybe I'm somehow attracting these negative energies...

So I guess it would more likely be a case of 'creative' problem-solving and tail-wagging tomorrow.

Now, if only I can keep the spittle and suds in.

Hands Off!!!

It's not too difficult to figure out that a friend has her eye on someone. Certainly not when she's JUMPING ON ME after I offered to share some of my buffet pickings with said someone (and I was just trying to be friendly because I had spent most of the time moping instead of joining in the group's merrymaking) or JUMPING ON ME for making too big a deal (huh? whaaa???) about said someone's peculiarities (but I played along anyway so she could play at being said someone's cheerleader) or JUMPING ON ME after an offhand remark about a bedroom scenario.

With the amount of JUMPING going on, very hard to tell meh??? So OBVIOUS lor!!!


Gaaaah. Why is it so hard to get hold of a copy of Yakuza Moon??? Out of stock at Borders and Kinokuniya. Are there that many tattoo-lovers in Singapore???

PS: No, I don't want to borrow your copy. I want MY OWN.

PPS: And yes, I'm just feeling generally frustrated. Can't you tell already???