27 november 2008

I discovered that I can say in Cantonese: "Ngo hai bin tai gah. Lei dai yah yag sek ngo meh?"

And The Best Friend also discovered that she can respond in Cantonese, the equivalent of: "I know you are perverted. I not first day EAT you."


* * * * *

Bakerzin's Braised Pork Belly with Japanese Rice.

Notice how half of each piece of pork belly is a thick layer of glistening fat? OMG, and it's so, soooooooo GOOD :-)~~~

Me Trekkie! Me like porn!

09 november 2008

Furry fun

08 november 2008

So while I was totally taken with Trekkie "Me Busy Now!!!" Monster, who I think is just so funny and cute (reminds me of Animal actually, what with the messy hair/fur, crazy streak and charmingly limited vocabulary - the latter NOT a reflection of the kind of men I like, bleah), The Best Friend managed to distract herself (as usual) from the "ugly things" by ogling the puppeteer's BIG CHEST and BIG ARMS, and oh yes, the way he moves that body too. Wahlau.

Then it was dinner at Glutton's Square where we ate like gluttons. Laugh. And The Best Friend did an impersonation of what a human version of Trekkie Monster would be like - "Me like you!!!" Wahlau.

Anyway, this is for The Best Friend, who doesn't know who Animal is. Wahlau.

Trust no one

Yes, a certain disturbing pattern is beginning to make itself apparent....

I must be cursed. Someone up there doesn't like me very much :-/

It's a good thing I'm too busy now to care.



Not too bad a day

06 november 2008

Had a pedicure and got hair done (except for the trim because my usual hairstylist was on leave).

Picked up alteration from tailor and then it was a leisurely afternoon with The Best Friend and catching up with The Oracle, who bought us lunch :-D Wore my ballet pumps today and felt like a hobbit next to the two - The Best Friend was in heels and especially buxomy today; The Oracle.... well, she's always been tall. By the way, I almost 'surprised' the wrong Oracle but managed to avoid an embarassing encounter at the last minute. I guess I must have been really eager to meet up with The Oracle. Laugh.

On the way home, collected Avenue Q tickets for this weekend. Bumped into J and decided to grab dinner. What a coincidence - catching up with 2 old friends from university in a day. Was telling J about my grooming appointments when my hairstylist appeared. It's turning out to be a really strange day, no? Asked J about someone from the past and was told there's a kid now, and that the DIL and MIL are not getting along. Smirk. But hey, isn't that generally the case with DILs and MILs? Heh. J paid for dinner, again :-/ Something about being old-fashioned and that women should never have to pay for dinner. Ok, whatever. So, it's another free meal today. Heh.

* * * * *

Time to work harder on clearing my leave before the year ends. Starting on a 3-day work week from mid-November. Grin.

The BS stops here.

05 november 2008

The Best Friend and I can't wait to meet up tomorrow.

Afterall, The Oracle has made one of her rare appearances and personally summoned us herself for lunch. Heh. Heh.

And then, there's Club matters to talk about. Glower. The Best Friend called me twice today and we took turns swearing over the phone - not at each other. If anyone thought we were already fierce on our own, they most certainly don't want to see us manifest simultaneously.

So the gauntlet has been thrown, and it appears that the black list has reached the intended targets (at least one of them anyway). It's beginning to turn into a free-for-all, and we now find that we have become mere you-are-either-with-us-or-against-us pawns to further personal interests :-/

The irony is that in trying to keep The Cult Club together, people might actually start leaving because the very things which kept us together in the first place, and earned my loyalty - friendship, fun and laughter - are fast being overshadowed by inflated egos, paranoia, and worse of all, selfishness. So, what is it really? Do you have so little faith in the new friends you have made, or are you just a freaking despot in-the-making?


When you stop caring for my interests and my feelings, so too, will I yours.

The Big 'O'

04 november 2008

The Best Friend was relating someone's reaction to the fantastic strawberry cheesecake from this little bakery at Dhoby Xchange, which the latter had described as "so orgasmic".

I remember snorting and muttering under my breath that someone probably doesn't even know what an orgasm is since she appears to be, shall we say, untouched (long story involving a strange night of drinks between 3 people and some Truth or Dare).

"So rude!" gasped The Best Friend.

"Whaaaaa..." I protested and repeated what I had said - because it's true whaaaaat.

But she needn't have had sex to know what an orgasm is, countered The Best Friend. DIY, yes?

I thought about it for a while and then said that it might be possible that she probably hasn't done that either yet - being a devout and very demonstrative follower of JC and all.

The Best Friend seemed to think that was an even ruder thought to have.

Wahlau. How's that more rude??? Meh!

* * * * *

Yes, I know the 150 sit-ups won't get me the washboard.

But that's not the point. I just LIKE the burn.

And oh yes, freaking out everyone else who can't do 150. Heh. But seriously, it's not that hard, really.

200 next!

* * * * *

French onion soup with comte cheese. (I would say the foie gras too, but it was more burnt than seared tonight.)

Archers Peach Coke.

* * * * *




This is not good. Not good at all :-/

"Enemies in Venus," another had said.

Damage control

02 november 2008

While SF, who on the few occasions would accompany me to a horror film but watch half of the show from behind her hands (laugh) and frantic whispers of "what's happening?!!", would not watch Inside herself (which is why she told me about "the scariest horror movie" so *I* would watch it and then tell her what she missed), she was quick to call me to find out about all the gore she had missed. Doh. In fact, she'd been checking with me every other day if I'd seen the show yet!

And now she's waiting for me to get hold of another horror flick, Rec, and tell her all about it when I'm done. And she's already checked with me at least TWICE if I'd seen it yet! Laugh.

* * * * *

(Source: Unknown. But I would be happy to correct that. Anyone?)

"What the....??!!!"

Which was then followed by iterations of her earlier death threat.

Don't ask me why because I've no idea what had possessed him.


Oh well, que sera sera....

* * * * *

I'm actually glad about missing the year-end trip.

The battle lines have just been drawn and it's no longer possible to pretend everything's still dandy because people are being made to take sides now. Like, you're either going to get to stay on board, or be thrown overboard literally, that sort of thing. (Ok, I exaggerate - as I always do on the blog. It's whatchamacallit poetic licence, can? But I wouldn't be surprised if it did come to that. Ha. Ha.)

Well, don't ask me why - because I've no idea what possessed this one either!

The irony of it all....

* * * * *

But someone sure didn't do too badly at turning a bad night around ;-)

I'll say 2-0 is more like it ;-)))

Why you should not watch this show

On the recommendation of SF, who had heard about Inside (2007) being rated the scariest horror film by European cinema goers, I got hold of a copy.

My first attempt at watching Inside late last night ended with me falling asleep less than 30 minutes into the show - it was dreary and slow, and nothing much seemed to be happening.

This afternoon, in lieu of a picnic at Sentosa (the sun was out but there was a muggy quality to the skies and it looked like rain - and it did rain), I opted to stay home to finish the rest of the movie.

And? Think carnage - VERY graphic carnage; lots of blood - free-flowing and plenty of arterial spurts; sharp instruments; guns; and a vengeful woman trying to steal another woman's unborn child - doesn't take much to guess what happens at the end, yes?

Yeaaaaah. So unless you're a hardcore fan of gore, don't watch lah. Why? Because I said so.

I am so grossed out now.

I need to watch a comedy next....

What do you get when you cross

a monkey with a panda?

01 november 2008

Pankey? Monda? Manda? Ponda? Ponkey?

SF totally cracked me up last night, and to the amusement of the others, I just couldn't stop laughing. Each time I managed to stop, she would look at me, start laughing again, and then, dammit, I would lose it too and be doubled over for the next several side-splitting seconds!

There's something about the spontaneity and exuberant quality of her mirth that's so irresistably infectious, you just can't help but partake in that circle of gaiety. And it was absolutely hilarious watching her crack up; much funnier than the thought of pankies, mondas, mandas, pondas ad ponkies! Laugh.

I know it sounds bizarre but haven't you ever had such moments?

And dammit, all that hard laughing hurt more than the 150 sit-ups (in lieu of my break from yoga). Heh!

* * * * *

So I had acupuncture today - my first time. Ouch! I wasn't expecting to be needled, but the Chinese doctor said the injury would no longer respond to a simple massage.

There was also some blood-letting with a small tool that had a scary cluster of spikes on one end, which the sinseh used to repeatedly tap at two areas on my ankle, followed by suction to let the blood out.

Overall, it wasn't too unpleasant an experience. Review in a week's time. Cross fingers.