Yay! :-D

Next! Heh. Meanwhile, to keep the flames of enthusiasm raging, anyone wants to watch Umizaru?

The Single Woman

She is right, you know. It is tough roughing it out there as a single woman. And it is not that we are still single because we are fussy - we just want a single and heterosexual male to love, and who will love us in return. Like that fussy, meh? But, the reality is that all the tall, dark and good-looking men are either taken or have gone "alternative". There are simply no single and heterosexual men left on this blasted piece of land.

Fortunately, all is not lost for the single woman. She who is willing to go to great heights and depths to find her tall, dark and good-looking one true love will surely find him. You see, there is an entire world down under, where scary deep-sea creatures lurk... eh, I mean single and heterosexual men (hopefully not of the genus whose idea of a courting ritual involves exchanging bodily fluids by spitting into your $%?!@#!! mask) can be found. It has been tried, tested and proven. Just ask this satisfied customer ;-)

Though, sometimes, according to Muck in the Longkang, some true loves might need, or even WANT, a hard knock on the head, before they will come to their senses that you are also their one true love. Failing which, I suggest taking matters into your own hands - and position them somewhere along your object of affection's carotid artery.

Of course, if you are afraid of heights, or water-phobic, or have simply fallen off the jagged edge of reason, there is always the cranky menopausal old men who spend their days whinging at HDB void decks.

Bits and pieces

Saturday evening, 27 November 2004, Grand Ballroom, Sheraton Towers.

I was basking in the company of my old friends and feeling extremely pleased with the way my Saturday had turned out.

R turned to me and asked if I would like a lift home after the dinner. I paused for a moment, because I had already accepted one earlier from He-Who-Consorts-With-English-Royalty. The two had a brief exchange and left the ball in my court. In a totally surreal moment which I am still unable to explain, I looked wistfully at my two good (and very married) friends, seated on both sides, and sighed aloud: "If only it were two SINGLE and GOOD-LOOKING men offering to give me a ride home."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I blame the word vomit on having been out in the sun too long.

Post-Morning Ramblings

[1] I really like being able to see so much of my table-top :-D

[2] Waking up for toilet visits throughout the night gives you really bizarre dreams in between. This detox had better work.

[3] My neck hurts.

[4] I really need to go for yoga class tonight.


[1] I can see my table-top now :-) Just have to figure out why the words seem... fuzzy...

[2] Hmmm. I'm down another kg. Interesting.


"It began with a restlessness (and itchy feet)."


The infamous female impersonator: "It's famous in mud!"

I: "What?!!" (I don't even mud anymore!)

At an old friend's wedding at Sheraton Towers tonight, I realised where some of the counter hits have been coming from. So, that adds a few more people I cannot write nasty things about. Dammit.

Anyway, Mr Val-Halal (who discovered the joys of fine halal dining tonight - must be all that rubbing shoulders with English royalty - while the rest of us, who consort with filthy pigs, had to feed at the common pit, as pigs do), thought I should get each of you people who have been getting free entertainment from the blog to contribute a little something. So, all you cheap lurkers, cough it up for my soon-to-be-acquired 17" Samsung 710T monitor - before the Sony Trinitron dies on me, which would mean more down-time, and you wouldn't want that to happen again, would you?

Before I forget, thank you all for making this a most enjoyable evening :-)


I wanted to have fun today and I did :-)


"Am I becoming an adrenaline junkie?"

The 15th day of November


Methinks it's sometimes better NOT to look before leaping. Heh.

Holistic healing

My first potential victim, eh, I mean convert, who asked to follow me to the free "bring a friend" class next week. God have mercy on his sweat glands. Heh.


Am so happy the blog is up that I'm hardly upset about flunking the test (tripped up by the dreaded physics and calculations). Then again, I wasn't the one who "really studied" for it and still flunked. Hehehe.

Bedtime stories for doggies

Yes, the server was down again - for almost three weeks. It went into sleep mode shortly after I uploaded this accursed file. (What timing. Mutter.)

Nah, just kidding. Why would anyone fall asleep reading such a tedious, circuitous, and poorly disguised political blasphemy an intelligent, engaging and funny piece of fiction that anyone can see is not based on real-life persons or events in Singapore; and which by the way, is obviously not written by this standard-issue humourless and law-abiding citizen, but *point with ten-foot pole* *blow whistle* thaaat intelligent, engaging, funny and very imaginative *GASP* Singaporean over therrre. So, it would seem his kind is not exterminated extinct as widely reported (some cock-eyed moron in the firing squad must have missed) and a resistance resistant mutant strain has successfully established itself outside the natural habitat. Fancy that.

Anyway, grapevine has it that the writer is looking for a pigeon coop humble palace place of his own, and I just happen to know of an extremely exclusive property - functional blocks, tastefully whitewashed, lots and lots of strong and shiny grills that are unlikely to drop out and land on some poor unsuspecting soul's head in the next, oh, 999 years? - which is only available to a select and privileged few. Methinks they would be all too delighted to have a permanent resident of his literary talents, no?


"Well, tonight I am having dinner with Prince Andrew of UK."


Is it something about looking like burnt toast, that strangers just want to talk to you...

So Many

So many reports to write.

So many articles to edit.

I am drowning in words.


!!!!!!!!!! JACK RUSSELL TERRIERS !!!!!!!!!!

Moving pictures


I like :-) And oh yeah, Canon, so sharp you can capture ghosts! Heh.

Alter ego

The kid bounded into the elevator. His mother called out to him and he managed to slip out just as the doors started to close.

I turned to my friend and said: "Damn, he got away." (Or something to that effect.)

Move on, please

You need to move on -
Look to the future and you will find.

You want to move on -
Awake from dark dreams and behold the light.

You have to move on -
Even lovers' tears will dry.

You can, you can, move on -
Demons are fear's chimeras and misplaced pride.
You must, you must, move on -
Before you become the very thing from which you hide.

Wanderlust III

And back :-) Again. With an awlful sunburn that makes me look absolutely carcinogenic. Urgh. I also got a very tender ring finger after hitting it against one of the wooden planks (must have hit a nerve) while climbing down the jetty, and more blue-blacks. My legs are now like a show-and-tell of bruises. The banged-up knees are from ice-skating; the big ugly one on the thigh from climbing; and the other small ones on the shins from clamouring up the boat after each dive.

Wanderlust II

And back :-) From learning how to ride a couple of studs (oops, make that unstudded, heh heh heh), or rather, how to stay seated on the horse while it is W.A.L.K.I.N.G. S.L.O.W.L.Y.

Beast of Burden: Impkin
Ominous rain clouds brought the afternoon lesson to an end after only 15 minutes. So, we did not go beyond the basic commands to "trot" and "canter" and all the other stuff I was really looking forward to - you know, sand wind in the face, long black hair flowing, precarious pale purple gown slit up to tan and toned thighs, looking like it will be blown off any moment, thundering across the fields to rescue my Prince in Pink riding out to where I suddenly find myself in a Ditz Damsel-in-Distress situation which naturally, cues the heroic rescue by the Tall, Dark and Handsome Knight. Oh well, another time then. Anyway, we learned how to kick the horse to make it turn right; kick the horse to make it turn left; pull on both reins to make the horse to stop; kick the horse to make it move again; kick your boyfriend / husband to buy you flowers and cook and bring you shopping and wash the dishes and whisper sweet nothings and do the laundry and give you nice bear hugs after you come home from a particularly stressful day at work; and kick the horse to make it walk faster. Snk. Snk. Snk.

Beast of Burden: Jazz Malone
After the downpour slowed to a steady drizzle, we went for an hour of very wet but pleasant trail ride, or rather, another S.L.O.W. W.A.L.K., in the sprawling fields at the back. I wondered how such spirited animals felt about their mundane routines; indeed, they often tried to do their own thing, testing their rider's firm hand, or lack thereof - mine. After its first attempt was not met quickly enough with a firm kick and the command to "move on", Jazz "Yao-Gwee" (hungry ghost) Malone often stopped and lowered its head to pull at tufts of grass which it chewed while on the move. No matter how fast I subsequently reacted with kicks and tugs, it continued to do this because I had lost control from the start. Mostly, I just ended up being pulled forward by the much stronger horse and half my body would be hanging over the horse's neck. Sometimes, it even snorted derisively at my futile kicks and unintelligble grunts. I swear I was this close to throttling the horse but its neck was too big. Whimper.

Beast of Burden, oops, I mean Babe in Bed: SF
Who, hardly slept like a baby. But, I did. Giggle. According to the after-morning report, I snored (I was tired from fighting the $#&%!! horse!), hogged the bed (I am used to having a queen-sized bed all to myself at home!), pulled the covers off my freezing friend (I was dreaming about reining in Jazz "Bully-Me" Malone!), and attempted to hold her hand (errr... I... I...). In my defence, at least I did not try to kick her in the flanks. So, there! Hmmpppfff.

We also spent a lot of time in the stables with the pretty horsies, who were mostly nice (unless they had their ears pulled back which meant they were grouchy and might mistake your itchy fingers for crunchy carrots) especially when we had sugar (grabbed from the cafe's sugar pot) for them. When I finally summoned enough courage to get up close and personal with these huge but incredibly gentle creatures, I was overwhelmed by those beautiful big brown long-lashed eyes, and charmed by the way their heads would turn or tilt to the side so they could look at us. And gosh, all those rippling hard muscles under their sleek coats. :-)~~~

Anyway, don't you think Vivaldi is just beautiful? Hmmm... anyone wants to play Santa Claus? ;-)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mum is so used to seeing me stagger out of the house with luggage and being told of my latest destination only just as I step out, that the day I turn back to announce I am eloping, it probably would not hit her until a couple of weeks later. Heh.

Anyway, just a few more hours to go before I leave for the Causeway a second time in two days. Now re-packing a new set of luggage for the long weekend here :-)

Thank you for agreeing to a double holiday :-D

Wanderlust I

The long holidays start here :-) Off to catch the morning train now. Ta :-)))


"We always knew it was a matter of time before one of us moved on - first. It was inevitable."


Thank you very fucking much for insisting on spitting into my new mask. It was certainly fascinating seeing the world through your DNA. Not.

Then, over lunch, he went on and on about how we were just living in neighbouring estates and sharing a cab home was sooo convenient. I got pissed and asked how he liked the long walk to the coffeeshop when he could have continued the cab journey - instead of dropping at MY block (what was the deal with that?) - and gotten there in five minutes. He said, a tad defensively, that he liked to walk. Yeah, my ass.

My hands are so burnt from the five-hour pool session today, they look "gloved". Owww.

Decompression theory and the diving environment have been scheduled for the next two nights.

Must slip in a yoga class before the Deepavali and Hari Raya holidays. It has been more than a week.

Fat fingers

And another huge bruiser. Sure gives new meaning to "banging walls". By the time I am done with this weekend and next, I will look like a human palette of blues and blacks. But, I am quite pleased that I managed to do 3.5 walls in spite of a 10-month hiatus :-)

Anyway, Yishun SAFRA is planning to expand its sports facilities by building an adventure hub - including 25m walls (current ones are only 15m) and "ice"-climbing. Cool.

Before I forget, Norman sends his regards :-)

Mind your language

What is this unearthly obsession with fad words like "hubs" and "win-win"? Roll eyes.

The Familiar

She dives. (We met at the MSD course.) She climbs. (So I joined her at the climbing centre this afternoon - my first climb in almost a year.) She blades. (And wanted to join me at the beach.) She skis. (And invited me to join her group for the February ski trip to Japan.)

As we continued talking and watching the other climbers, she said, almost wistfully: "You know what I really want to do next?"

I: (Eh... another sport???)

She: "I want to get a navel piercing. Or a tattoo."


Funnily enough, she looks and talks like a Hong Kong actress (inside joke). I just cannot figure out which one yet...

Hole in the wall

I shall, never, ever, put myself through another 3+1 hour sleep cycle over two consecutive days. (Don't know why I did that.) Thursday was ok, though I was not my usual self and the night certainly ended a little strange. Friday was not. My stupidity caught up with me and I started hallucinating in the afternoon - drifting between consciousness and sleep; jerking awake to look down at composed phone messages and not knowing whether I had already sent them off; seeing things that were not there. I pleaded illness and went home to sleep - from 5pm to 8am the next morning.

Today still felt a little unreal though - the words just kept tumbling out of my mouth.


Yet another hapless male falls under CirCe's spell ;-)


He: "You don't mind I ask you something personal..."

I: (Oh god... here we go... hang on in there... just five more minutes to homeground... must... resist... jumping... out... of... moving... cab...)

From dawn to dusk

0800 - 1700: Work-related course (Must. Stay. Awake.)
1930 - 2300: Classroom session on diving physiology (No more confounding lectures on ?$#!! formulae! Yay!)

Friday starts at 0800 again. How fun for me. This whole week almost feels like school again. Note to self: Must not complain about being bored, because life sure has a way of piling on stuff.

Physical Pains

I. Hate. Physics.


Moving pictures

Shark Tale was hilarious :-D

On another note, did anyone else find "Veggie Boy" Lenny somewhat, shall we say, queer? Funny how an animated film with the message that parents should accept their children's choice of an "alternative" lifestyle got a G rating; whereas Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban got PG for - only - "frightening moments, creature violence and mild language", AND disapproval from a certain religious majority for "magic".

I suppose one could argue that the concept of an "alternative" lifestyle would be beyond the understanding of a young child. But, that the message was then meant for the parents raises more questions, does it not?


Hmmm. Looks like I start November with badly bruised knees. And someone with a - hopefully not too - bruised ego. Heh. Heh. Heh.