Day 151

Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End


"And then he said, so quietly that only he could have heard it, "I guess I'm going home."

~ The Monarch of the Glen, Neil Gaiman

Day 150

Slow day. Slow everything.

Day 149

Gaaaah!!! Can you just stop looking at me funny already??!!!

Day 148

And you are looking at me funny because...???

A Midsummer Night's Magic

I've always had a soft spot for The Bard.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And so ventured I to Fort Canning Park
Last summer night beneath the changeling moon,
To partake with friends of magic and lark -
A dream of lovers, fools and fairies' boon.

'Twas told by rise and fall of archaic tongue:
Love turned and again through most merry night,
Fools are favoured while fairies danced and sung.
But all's well that ends well at the morn's light,
When a night's wrongs have been once more made right,
And weary lovers arise to restored sight.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I remember when fireworks started to go off for some other celebration during one of the scenes. If not for the trees that lined the park and thus obstructed the view beyond, it would have been quite a spectacular sight.

But just being away from it all, seated in a park picnic-style as A Midsummer Night's Dream unfolded in the deepening night and the stars came out, lulled by the lilting speech of a forgotten time and a gentle breeze, it was simply magical :-) And I with my short attention span, was actually rivetted for those few hours.

My only grouse is the casting for that spirit of mischief, Puck. It didn't feel strong enough for a character whose folly it was that resulted in the ensuing madness. And that localised (deliberate?) accent was just off, and a discordant strain in the night.

Still, a lovely evening. So, I'm happy :-)

Day 147

"Anyone reading the blog knows I sure ain't no religious nut... nuts is more like it. Heh. Heh."

Day 146

Day 145

Day 144


Game Over

"And if there's a moral there, I don't know what it is, save maybe that we should take our goodbyes whenever we can."

~ The Sandman Volume 5: A Game of You

Day 143

"What's stopping you from saying yes???"

Day 142

"...would you consider staying back to assist me?"

Day 141

"They probably won't give it to me... but you know what? It no longer matters either way..."

Day 140

In Retrospect

"In the third lunar month from 19 April to 18 May 2007, no matter what you do, you must be careful, sincere, be thorough, see your projects through to completion and keep to your target, and you will bring yourself good. But you will find progress slow and the going tough - like running on the beach. But you will reach your destination so do not be anxious. More haste more waste - if you are too impatient, you might cut yourself and not be able to run. This includes matters of the heart."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

One. Step. At. A. Time.

Day 139

"Eh to put it bluntly, they seem to think she has outlived her usefulness to them."

Interesting Times

"Then why are YOU still here?"

"Eh, can I not answer that question? Heh."

The good thing about not checking your email in the morning before you leave for work (which you had intended to in case of last minute instructions) is missing yet another one sent to screw you about screwing up yet again. So when The Master later pulls you aside to talk to you (albeit nicely) about this and other screw-ups, you respond a little differently than you might have if given knowledge of his earlier online tirade.

Of course, it also helps when you know you have nothing to lose and you no longer care what happens, and you start to live life a little more dangerously.

The next thing you know, it's all about how much it would take to make you stay (failing which, how much it would take to 'poach' you).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"But he likes you."

Hmmm. Now, who's been spreading stories about me...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I mentioned the retreat and she surprised me with her question - almost rhetorical - whether ___ would be included. And there was just the slightest stirring in that stillness that I have gotten so used to. Perhaps fatigue and the lack of sleep in the last few weeks leading up to the big event had brought down the usual defences. Perhaps that keen sense for fairness that I had a glimpse of in the early days was more deep-seated than I realised, in spite of the uncomplaining manner and diligence with which she went about every piece of work given to her.

Then you realise all is not as peachy as it seems in the backyard, and why some people have to smile as wide and laugh as loud as they do - to drown out the murmurings that grow louder.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"She seems happier these days."

"She thrives on being around people. But look at her eyes...look carefully."

"Well, she does look a little glazed..."


"...and very high."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I guess having to work through the weekend wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Day 138

If I weren't so tired today, I would have laughed out loud at the sight of her eyes almost dropping out.

Day 137

Sigh. Another burnt weekend.

Day 136

I am a paid staff. Not a #%^!%&!! volunteer.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Anyone interested in joining me to feed mosquitoes here?

What would you do if someone gave you $200?

The Sister was excited about the GST Offset Package and told me that my notification letter had arrived.

"$200 only???"I muttered darkly.

So I went online to claim my credits and promptly donated everything to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

There, I feel much better now.

And I think I shall go hug my dog.

Day 135

"It's quite a resonant image, those distant, only partially visible solidities, now and again drowned in dreams - temporarily lost in them."

- The Sandman Volume 5: A Game of You

Subjectively Speaking

"I think it's only the women who notice these things. The men don't." (In reference to a cleavage-baring dress wore at a recent evening function, and in an apparent attempt at damage control after the teasing.)


It wasn't too long ago that the speaker had made a disparaging remark about another woman who was asking for it whenever she wears revealing clothes - because she was tempting the men.

But nowadays, morality is a very subjective thing one lah - subject to WHO is wearing the dress, apparently.

Day 134

Why You Should Watch Where You Stick Your Tongue

Somebody should translate all that into doggy language for Xena the Dog. (See above.)

"Hehe. I was cutting my nails that day and she was licking the floor. One of the clippings got stuck in her tongue and she couldn't get it out and couldn't hang out her tongue too. So she made that face."
- The Youngest


PS: Especially when you read health alerts like this.

My, what pointy ears you have...

Which is yet another strange thing I noticed this evening about Lashes...

Day 133

Alcoholic Not-so-anonymous

So the weekend do is finally over. And I am now polishing off the remaining third of a rather delicious fruity white (since I was given the not-unenviable task of bringing back the unfinished/uncorked wine to the office - the next day of course) earlier savoured by some rather very important people.

Naturally, I am feeling rather most hic-pleased with myself-hic now. Rather.

And god knows I need it after vomitting my entire supply of blood last week because the office Miss Bodoh-wood (AKA beauty queen wannabe-once-upon-a-time along with other aspiring Miss Bollywoods) has been too wrapped up in the throes of new lurrrve to use her brain to think for even just 5 minutes - which explains why she has to intercom me every 5 minutes just to complete each task. As if her usual nonsense isn't already bad enough.

Now to figure out how to wake up for work tomorrow... and fry some gremlim ass.

Day 132

The doors opened - he stepped through and gave me a long, long, look.

Day 131

"Vomit more blood."

Day 130

Can't get this out of my head...

Day 129

"Vomit blood!"

Day 128

Day 127

. . . . . .

Day 126

Into The Light

Today, as I wandered Orchard Road and basked in the late afternoon sun, I looked up into the blue skies and remembered not too long ago...not too far skies, fluffy clouds, stunning stretches of turquoise and sapphire.

I have not forgotten. And for that, I smiled.

Day 125

So I stayed at home.


I just realised that one of the 163 mostly-strangers arrived with the following search:


Jaw. Floor. Hit. WTF! Ewww!!!

Day 124

"Another freaking $%!!?? Blood Star. Beware sharp objects in May and injuries to the face."

Nods sagely at unrecognisable face in mirror.

Let's Go Shopping

The Personal Shopper would be proud of me.

Today, I 'helped' someone part with $690 for a qipao. As she shuddered at the thought of her mother finding out, I assured her that technically, she would only be $90 short, because the company was sponsoring $600 (well, in a way). Besides, "it fits your boobs, yeah?" the fit was perfect and she was definitely hawt in maroon.

Now, to unleash my newfound power on a nice man who would part with $890 to get me that other lovely pastel green piece.

Day 123

Haji Lane at night.

All Holidays Should Be Like This

And it was a good, GOOD holiday.*

# Great diving
Lots to see in the rich waters, including my first thresher shark (love the tail!), my biggest (5 to 6 metres?) - yet - manta, and very pretty nudis! And oh yes, CirCe was absolutely delighted with how a sea cucumber grew and shrank as she gave it a hand-job held it - until I finned up and had to smack her hand quite a few times before she would let the poor cucumber go.

# Good food
Unfortunately, not at NO-hot-water-NO-aircon-and-oh-they-forgot-to-mention-NO-good-food Cocobana where we stayed. but fortunately, at Sunsplash, one of many other resorts on Malaspascua.

# Lots of laughter
Always gooooood.

# And loads of screaming fun
When I leapt out of bed with, according to ear-witnesses, a bloodcurdling scream when one of the many "tock-kay" geckos on the island called out (what sounds like"tock-kay") and it seemed so near that I thought it was hiding in the handphone pouch on my tummy (nevermind, don't ask). My scream sent one of the girls resting in the verandah similarly leaping into the air and fleeing onto the beach. And eh, yeah, false alarm. Blush.

# The whaaaaat-moments
"They fit your BOOBS yeah?" An otherwise earnest question (but really funny because the speaker was English) by the divemaster who was thinking of getting a Zeagle BC for his wife and wanted to know how CirCe found the fit of her Zena.

# Happening nightlife
CirCe reported feeling my hand smack her back (she was sleeping on her front... FORTUNATELY!) the first night. And on the second, I felt her arm reach for me and her leg attempt to curl itself around mine, before they retreated hastily a few seconds later - CirCe recounted the next morning that it was in reaction to several get-off-me-pokes from me. I blame it on our earlier impromptu massage lesson from The Stapler Maniac and CirCe who had performance issues unless she was imagining massaging a "good-looking man". (So I told her to imagine I was a "good-looking man" lah.) But as I assured Circe, it could have been worse - I could have held on to her leg and NOT LET GO. Heh. Heh. Heh.

# Island life
Sun, sand and sea. Blue fluffy skies. NO-hot-water-NO-aircon-but-otherwise-charming-cottage by the sea. Watching the several very cute mongrels (possibly of Weimaraner origin with their light-coloured eyes) play on the beach and doze anywhere and everywhere without a care in the world. Not having to work...mmm...need I say more?

[ Notwithstanding my anti-tampon rant, which according to the blog tracker, 163 mostly-strangers now know I-fucking-hate-tampons, thank you LMD. Also in spite of the Mother of all Breakouts from too much sun and the wrong sunblock (no titanium dioxide). You know the saying: "She has a face that only a mother can love"? Well, even my mum can't bear to look at my face now. Sniff. ]

Day 122

And I went back to work with a smile on my face :-)

Malapascua 28 April - 1 May 2007

Day 121