Day 90

C O W A B U N G A ! ! ! It's turtle time :-D

Day 89

Long - working - weekend. Sigh.

Day 88

It's a 3-letter day:


Excuse Me, Are You BLIND???

I can imagine why some people need soooo much time to wash the non-existent make-up or grime off their face just before a workout that would very quickly have most people pouring from every single pore anyway.

I mean, when you look up from your UNHURRIED - and almost PEEVISHLY so - facewash again and again, and see from the mirror that the SAME TWO PEOPLE are STILL WAITING behind you, who seeing as to how your OCD will result in them missing out the breathing exercises are trying their darnest not to engage in some impromptu breathing-down-your-neck exercises, I guess you couldn't be blamed for mistaking the very dirty looks for your own face.

Mutter darkly.

Day 87

Yet another bites the dust.

They are falling like dominoes.

Day 86


Shoes 'R' Us

Well, The Youngest has done it yet again.

"J say she wanna pay for 2 pairs. Me same same. Enjoy your dinner, and dun overeat. Yr backside getting bigger."

SIGH. You think your little sister is finally warming up to you and she just has to slip in a little something...

But I learnt something today: 4 pairs of very pretty shoes can actually buy my dignity.

So, when can we do this again? :-D

Day 85

One more day...

There Are Worse Things Than A Hole in My Towel...

Like waking up with a hangover and finding Mum and Xena the Dog on my bed; Mum was trying to rouse me by placing something - the dog's paw - in my hand...

As I grasp the furry appendage, Mum leaves the room in a hurry and calls out to Dad...

I open my eyes then and espy the small, fuchsia and battery-operated toy with its own retrieval cord (how very thoughtful!) on the foot of my bed...

Which I thought I had returned to its inconspicuous black carrier and put away in my drawer the night before...

I could have sworn I did...

Oh, ye godsss...

Hangover or not, the inanimate (then) object and and a very animated human were off the bed in the next second...

Mum never mentioned it...

I hope it stays that way...

You three monkeys have really got me good this time...

How To Cure A Hangover

CirCe had a massage and ginger wrap.

I popped two panadols and sucked on a couple of dried-up oranges (no juicer at home and I was too concussed to crawl out of the house for supplies) and then I spent the entire day gaming. Heh.

In related news, an old friend has wriggled out of the woodwork to announce his recent initiation into the Wonderful World of Warcraft:

"Hon n I hv bn crazy over it since feb! Our mains are near lvl 50. U?"

Cough. Well, I must have been psychotic for more than a year now. Heh.

Day 84



Day 83

Day 82

Good riddance to the work-week.

Bye-bye, Baby

"The wise man Confucius, he says, one man step on two boats, balls will say bye-bye to each other very soon."

A dear friend is somewhat perturbed that a certain ??-what-the-hell-is-he-up-to-now humanoid seems to be doubling his efforts to hang out with her. And this just after being spotted with another ??-who-the-hell-is-the-other-woman-you-whisked-away-so-quickly humanoid the other night.

The sensible thing to do would have been to step out of everything quietly; not to forget GameBoy's other antics and simply too much second-guessing for her own good.

But seeing as to how GameBoy actually thinks he can still continue to play double-fiddle and keep everyone guessing, I thought she might as well give him exactly what he wants. I mean, if GameBoy has such a very serious aversion to things that come too easily, then maybe the stakes should be raised.

And so, in response to his attempts, she should continue to respond - with as much sian-ji-buaness as she can summon. (But actually, I think she sian-many-times-bua already.) Nothing worse than "no feedback" as "negative feedback".

Note for the uninitiated:
In the wonderful World of Warcraft, creatures and players with "??" in place of their game level are way higher than you, i.e. don't mess with them, noob.

Bloggers Are Everywhere

An intern will be joining us for a month or so before she enters University.

On a whim, I googled her because I found her name familiar. While it's a fairly common combination, it's not improbable that I might have actually read about her in the papers recently.

And what do you know. Her blog shows up right at the top. I verified a few facts about her which I already knew, and then found out a little more. I didn't bother going too far back into the archives because the blog is mostly schoolgirl prattle. I had expected more, erm, intellectual musings, since her referee thought rather highly of her. But I guess teenagers are entitled to their youth while they can still afford to.

Heh. This should be interesting.

And Then The Tables Are Turned

Oh, greattttt. That explains why it had felt like more than one pair of eyes were boring holes into my back on Wednesday night.

Now, I just have to try my darnest not to stare at all the angmoh men in class. Might get me one too many dirty looks, especially from the female companions who usually accompany the straight ones.

In the meantime, I have requested Tantric Boy to please not try to talk to me the next time he THINKS he sees me - especially if he doesn't want to become unauthorised blog fodder. And we all know how rude I can be, yes?

This being the preferred option - since I sure as hell ain't changing studios and I doubt I can persuade him to - I just have to grow thicker skin. Besides, I can honestly claim ignorance since I don't know which one of them is him. (Consoles self.)

But I would certainly have been drop-dead mortified if it was Lashes. Gaaahhh...

Day 81

My Visual DNA

More here.

Want some for yourself?

Day 80

But He Didn't Even Get My Name

He stood next to me and initiated small talk while we waited for the room to be changed over for the next class - the usual ice-breakers like how long (quite long), where else (Raffles City), how often (three times a week but depends on work which involves a lot of travelling) and... my, what big pecs you have.

I mean, when the guy's bare chest is served just at your eye level, it's hard not to ogle notice. But I decided some eye contact might be more polite, so I turned my head and... my, what lush eyelashes you have... and you smell rather nice too...

The room changeover was completed at that moment and I trotted into the room - relieved. Shrug.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lashes took the mat behind me and it was only sometime during the class that I noticed what seemed like, what we say, birth deformities, in addition to surgical scars, on the left side of his body.

I recounted these to CirCe later in the night.

"Just like you!"

Erm, yeah, but not quite as, shall we say, extensive. Strange how I was thinking just that to myself too. (Or else I'm starting to thinking like CirCe! Mannn, that sure would freak out my mum big time.)

"But it would appeal to you, wouldn't it - what with all those slasher flicks and horror shows."

Whaaat?!!! What the... oooiii!!!

But you know what's worse? It's how I was thinking CirCe would say something just like that. Gaaahhh.

This Will Make Me Happy

Day 79

"Very funny meh? I don't find it funny and my patience is wearing thin."

Now, THIS is funny...

The Happy Factory finally came a-knocking: "So what would make you happy?"

And The Birthday Girl (to be) replied: "A man."

To which The Happy "We-Don't-Make-Those-Anymore" Factory said: "Eh. Slave trade abolished unfortunately. So had to ditch that idea. But that was my first option."

So The Birthday Girl (to be) sighed: "Awww. Keeps ropes and whips. Surprise me then."

Notes to Self

Apply for leave over Labour Day weekend.

Book air ticket to Cebu.

Renew passport through APPLES.

But first, get a decent digital shot that won't have the immigration "Just-Chop-My-Passport-And-Stop-Looking-Back-And-Forth" officer doing a double-take.

Reactivate DAN coverage.

Get travel insurance.

Get new fins. (Someone is lending me his Twin Jets instead.)

Get new dive torch. (Some very nice people got me a very nice torch for my birthday.)

Set up camera.

Day 78

Another one bites the dust.

Sian Ji Bua

"Are you WoWing again???"

I think CirCe was a little peeved about my sian response when informed about a very special dinner arrangement this Saturday. I could feeeel the slight flaring of nostrils on the other end of the line - from the subtle sound of air rushing into expanded space, you know. Heh. Heh. Heh.

But I can't help it, really. I just feel like . . . running. Sigh. Ah well. Things might not be awkward afterall. We'll see. Shrug.

In Retrospect

"In the first lunar month (19 February to 18 March 2007), you will meet new male friends who would be good for you. You should also change your attitude in making new friends, and not be fixed in your old ways. Give yourself more opportunities. Do not be too conservative. Go with the flow and when fate arrives, grab it. There will be changes in work and love, but these are positive changes."

So spake Master Bok.

Well, I did not meet any handsome young men with glib tongues - only ugly old men with itchy hands. Snort.

Day 77


This morning at 0436 hours

Day 76

"I want to go to Malapascua."

Day 75

"I'm not that kind of girl!"

There Once was A Girl Named Dolphin

The cashier at Little Match Girl thought I had a sister called Dolphin - we looked so alike.

Funny . . . because once upon a time, I was The Dolphin - my first online nick. Heh.

So I guess there's another XX-lookalike out there. Cute.

Day 74

Yuzu ice-cream at Sushi Tei. Mmmmm.

Bedtime Readings

"Do you want to know about the married men? You asked me why..."


Yes, I do.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Picking up late night calls - The Oracle had called past 11, just as I got home after a long day at work - or the sound of the phone breaking the quiet of night, always unsettles me.

Maybe it has to do with my mind having tuned out to the rest of the world as I wind down for some me-time.

Or maybe, this is just one of the increasing number of signs that I am getting old.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She does not know.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Oracle had called about a question I asked her a month ago, after one too many "somethings in the air".

She said something about the presence of water in the first half of the year and how it was interacting with my elements to become wood for my fire - except the nature of the fire will bear mostly . . . "forbidden fruit" (or men who I "will not be able to accept" - literally translated from that quaint and sometimes ambiguous language used - for whatever reasons).

This will continue into the second half of the year, but less pronounced.

Well, you know what they say about playing with fire.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

# Avoid travel in March as the presence of the Strangle Star and Heavenly Dog could mean accidents. Lie low at work and avoid trouble. (Bloody gremlims.)

# A benefactor arrives in April. But it is advisable to continue to lie low.

# Another freaking $%!!?? Blood Star. Beware sharp objects in May and injuries to the face. Again, lie low at work and avoid trouble. (Down gremlims! Down!)

# The months of June and July are not bad in a certain department. (Righttt . . . more men who I "will not be able to accept".)

# Look out for September - everything will go your way. (Sweeeet.)

# The Travelling Horse appears in November. In fact, it appears there will be a fair bit of travelling this year too. (Niceee.)

# Money comes in December. (Bonus lor. Duh.)

... so spake The Oracle.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was almost as if I needed to be reminded - that I had to lie low for the time being.

And the call came just at the end of a very long day at work with sullen gremlims and whispering shadows that grow louder by the day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Something about having the Right-Hand Person Star in my life.

How strange. But it feels right, this new development in the last few months at work.

Things are a little choppy now - not sure why - but I know the storm will pass.

Note to self: Must clear clutter in room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Too many distractions.

This can wait because it will not be by my hand - the unravelling has already begun. Watch.

For now, there are more important things.

And so, I will hold my tongue and my peace, for I will bide my time, too.

Day 73

"Just lie low the next few months."

Day 72

I could barely keep my eyes open the whole day (and night).

What The F...

165 page views on Sunday and 194 on Monday?!!

LMD, your linkage is very, very scary.

This morning at 0226 hours

Ahhhh, the heavenly sound of dinging.

It's the home stretch now to level 70 and my flying mount :-D Good thing Tuesday is maintenance night. I so need to sleep.

Day 71

Your best friend does NOT approve of him.

So there.

You can kick him back into the longkang now.

Day 70

Only 20-something boys need to know your age.

Day 69

Man or Woman

Find out how your mind works.

18 out of 20
Average score for men: 15.1 out of 20
Average score for women: 13.3 out of 20

Spot the difference:
Average score for men: 39%
Average score for women: 46%

Left thumb on top.

Emotions & Systems:
Empathising - 9 out of 20
Average score for men: 7.9 out of 20
Average score for women: 10.6 out of 20
Systemising - 0 out of 20
Average score for men: 12.5 out of 20)
Average score for women: 8.0 out of 20

8 out of 10
Average score for men: 6.6 out of 10
Average score for women: 6.6 out of 10

Right hand: 0.94; Left hand: 1
Average ratio for men: 0.982
Average ratio for women: 0.991

My choices suggest I prefer more masculine faces.

3D Shapes:
11 out of 12
Average score for men: 8.2 out of 12
Average score for women: 7.1 out of 12

I associated 12 words with grey and named 14 words that mean happy.
Average score for men: 11.4 words total
Average score for women: 12.4 words total

If I had to split 50 with someone, I would demand 25.
Average demand for men: 51.6% (25.80)
Average demand for women: 51.0% (25.50)

[1] I have poor spatial skills actually - I scored using an elimination strategy.
[2] And erm, I prefer feminine faces. (Speaking of which, make that Asian ones too.)

Day 68

Management: 1

Gremlims: 0

Day 67

I just saw the dive photos from the Palau trip that I decided to pass because I was not confident about the dive profile.

Head. Wall. Bang.


And again.

Day 66


How to persuade your friend to watch another gory show with you

I told The Best Friend that we would be watching 300.

There'll be "flying heads and limbs" aplenty to sate my bloodthirstiness.

And I'm pretty sure she wouldn't be covering her eyes and harrassing me with her "is it over yet?!!" and "what's happening?!!" - not with "nearly-nude, uber-macho and ruggedly handsome Spartan beefcakes, clad in just crimson underwear and capes, are so ripped they make Brad Pitt's Achilles look like a piece of lard" aplenty.

Don't you just love a movie that has something for everyone?

Day 65

I got home at 9. And remembered too late that it was Maintenance Night.

Day 64

Some people have elves.

I'm stuck with gremlims who won't leave.

Day 63

Day 62

Saturday Night at CirCe's

The Stapler gets a 'hand job' from CirCe.

Having a beary good time!

Day 61

For some strange reason, she would always hear from both of them within days of each other - life's little ironies.

Day 60

And then he put both hands on my shoulders.

When Sins Collide

What do you give a horny man who loves his food for his birthday?

Culled from The Cowboy.

Horny Minds Think Alike

"How to perform in bed?!!"

The Sister's Gay Boyfriend laughed aloud at Master Bok's advice about looking out for "older men".

"I also say!!!" Frantic nodding. (While I did not exactly voice my sentiments aloud during the reading, The Best Friend and I had turned to each other with horrified looks on our faces.)

But, as a very l33t girl blogger philosophised, there's always The Happy Egg. Yeah, I bet she's having loads of fun cooking it.

Still, I suppose worse things could happen - like losing one's desires altogether.

I wonder what that would be like...


During my forced hiatus from WoW, I managed to catch up on a few movies, including The Secretary, which was rather bizarre but had an interesting take on (suppressed) desires. The ending - when the characters played by James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Kirsten Dunst) finally consummated their mutual attraction - was surprisingly tender, given the sexual tension pervading most of the movie. It was only by acknowledging their attraction to each other that the pair finally found some 'normalcy'.

But as I was telling someone, how much 'normalcy' do you suppose goes on behind the bedroom doors of 'normal' couples? This led somehow (I have a wandering mind, once described as Brownian, and not unlike the way I move) to a hilarious confession about exes (not mine) who were into S&M. Heh. But I do remember trying to blindfold and tie someone up. That didn't work out too well - not because he wasn't into it. He was simply too terrified about what I would do TO him - like tickle him to death, that sort of thing. (I'm cruel that way.) Heh. Heh. Heh.

Come to think of it, I was never tied up. But I would have liked that. And blindfolded too. (Did I say please?) I can't remember why I didn't get to do that though.