Cab ride.

Animal humour

Funny bunnies.

Moving pictures

1910 hours: Spiderman 2. It was a good sequel with some funny moments, to wrap up the weekend on a light note. But we decided to go back for more...

2125 hours: Brotherhood. Gahhh!!! Bad, BAD idea to have your senses bombarded with an assortment of blown off limbs, screams of agony and disturbing behaviour just before bedtime. Grimace. Whimper. I want my teddy bearrr...

The Sixth Sense

"I have lost my gift. It is as if my quill is broken. As if the organ of my imagination is dried up. As if the proud tower of my genius has collapsed."
~ Will Shakespeare, Shakespeare in Love

The Senses: Sight. Sound. Smell. Taste. Touch. And then, there is the elusive Sixth that transcends the physical world and inspires our sensory experiences with meaning.


"A spotted child visited Santa, climbed up on his lap, and expressed a wish to recover from chicken pox. Santa leapt up."
~ Santaland Diaries in Holidays on Ice: Stories, David Sedaris.

This almost made me burst into laughter on the train.


Handsome little guy, ain't he?


Southern Comfort with Coke :-)


"A friend of mine wrote that blogging is about recording snippets of thoughts as and when they occur..."

I, So Bored

Maybe I was just too tired, but I, Robot was hardly thought-provoking. And for some reason, most of the attempts at humour just felt too forced.

I did, however, like the scene when you could actually see the gears in the robot's head moving when he spoke. Imagine if you could look into a person's head the same way. Cool, eh?


The art of folding clothes. Wow.


Two years ago, my burst of giggles broke the tranquility (and restful half-sleep of the other patrons) in a massage parlour in Patpong, as I jolted up from my sleeping position and begged for mercy for my feet. This time around, it was my friend who couldn't stop laughing hysterically, tickled by my failed attempts to get the masseur to leave my sensitive feet alone. Duh.

Talking about which, I used to be able to make someone feel ticklish just by telling him that he was. And lookee, no hands! Heh. Now, THAT, was fun.


The streets of Bangkok is like a neverending buffet line of gastronomical delights and discoveries. And for as little as 10 baht (about S$0.40) for most of the dishes, it's hard not to eat your way down the streets. Especially when it's deep-fried chempedak :-)~~~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

At the going rate, I might have to pick up another bottle of Baileys when I go through DFS again next week. Heh.


Chanced upon the Khao Manee, an exquisite white cat with different coloured eyes, at Chatuchak Market. The one we saw had eyes of blue and topaz so pale that the difference in colours would have been easy to miss at a glance. The Khao Manee is said to be the true Royal Cat of Old Siam. And it does look precious, doesn't it?

In thin air

Checking out: "Thank you very much. Have a good fRight."

Eh... thank you... not?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Air Asia. "Now everyone can fly."

Actually, it felt more like "Air Asia, flying THIN people." as I moved down the single aisle which was less than two feet wide, and had to turn my body a little to the side. Someone said the plane was so small, it was almost like being on a bus with three-seaters on each side - except even buses have wider aisles. I suppose that's why they don't serve free food, and disallow consumption of food other than items purchased on the flight itself - which us thin people are too cheap to pay for anyway - so the plane can stay light.

Us cheapskates were also warned that: "It is a serious offence to remove life jackets from the plane." Wellll, if you really must know, it's hard to get excited over boring airline souvenirs like keychains and t-shirts when you can nick a cool inflatable device instead. Especially after someone spent the equivalent of a brand new buoyancy control vest on shopping and eating. And hey, the Air Asia life jacket comes in her favourite shade of yellow too. Heh.

Or maybe I should just nick that black piece of panel that had come loose from the floor. (Now, where did the flight attendant say the exits were again? But actually, I think I'll just exit from whatever gaping hole forms when the plane breaks up - if I'm still in one piece myself.) Heyyy, now there's an idea. First, the life jacket. Then, bits and pieces of the plane. And I'll have my own airplane in no time! Laugh! I'm looking forward to the next trip already!


Just spiked my bedtime coffee. I'm desperate for sleep, ok? Let's see me waking up before six on this!


"Exciting" - by the best friend and then the sister within a week. Figure this one out. Heh.


Removing a few inactive blogs from my reading list, I wonder where the bloggers have gone to, and what makes people stop writing.

Holiday message

Gone for a long weekend in Bangkok; which is just as well, in spite of the workload. You see, so I'm told, work will always be there. Oh, really? Damn. And I thought I could come back from the holiday to find that all my chores have been miraculously done by little blue tattooed men with red hair and Scottish accents. Yeah, in my dreams. Eh, hold that thought. I would really rather sleep well the next four nights and not dream of scary blue pixies, helpful ones or not!

Stepping out of this life now; away from it all - for just a little while :-)

Bon voyage

Had dinner with an old friend who will be going away to France for studies. And after that, well, who knows - though he's already made some plans depending on where he'll be in about half a year's time. He was excited about the "move" and looking forward to a "new" start after struggling at the last job, and that eternal question that confounds us all: "What do I want to do with my life?" Sometime in the evening, he wondered why he always seemed chattier around us. (And I thought, even more so, this evening.) But it wasn't so much that than the aura of excitement and general positivity for life that was pouring out of him and onto us - including us in his happiness. And when he left later, it was almost as if the lights seemed dimmer, and the air heavier - without his laughter and renewed hope for the road ahead.

The Wedding Banquet

Just received and accepted my second wedding invite for the year. And it appears a third is on its way. (Eh, not so keen about this one.) Have you ever realised how the usual congratulatory messages are followed by the mad scramble to call your friends and find out who else has been invited AND will be going, so you won't be stuck with strangers at the table, over an expensive dinner? And I was told that some invites don't come with "and partner" because of limited seats and "I don't know your husband / wife anyway." Which doesn't make sense (as opposed to "cents"), because it's a celebration of coupledom after all, right? Ah well.


Gmail is, like, cooool. Just have to love the stacked folders. And getting my own name (without having to suffer the indignity of a numerical appendage - usually my year of birth) for the account :-D

Hmmm. And my mailbox wasn't overflowing with the usual 100 or so spam emails the two days that the polarbear server was down. In fact, there were only five. Laugh. Cool! (And the spam just started coming in again. Geeezzz.)

Yes, Master

"The new computer is for me ... so I can work faster."

"Oh REALLL-ly?!"

I swear the gears in his head just went into overdrive planning how to make me work faster. Damn. So much for trying to be "funny." Snort.

What am I?

kermit.jpeg What Muppet are you?

"You are Kermit the Frog. You are reliable, responsible and caring. And you have a habit of waving your arms about maniacally. FAVORITE EXPRESSIONS: "Hi ho!" "Yaaay!" and "Sheesh!" FAVORITE MOVIE: "How Green Was My Mother" LAST BOOK READ: "Surfin' the Webfoot: A Frog's Guide to the Internet" HOBBIES: Sitting in the swamp playing banjo. QUOTE: "Hmm, my banjo is wet."

But my favourite colour ain't even green. Duh.


The Devil Chicken El Pollo Diablo! This has got to be one of the scariest things I've seen. (Ok, maybe a close second behind the chilling resemblance between someone and Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry - especially when Swank grins. Hyperventilate.) And I don't mean the garters and feathers bit. Still, if you've ever wondered what an overgrown chicken looks like pole-dancing or fencing. Heh. Heh. Heh.

Borrowed time. Borrowed lives.

19 June 2004. Pulau Dayang. Drift dive.

1400 hours. We descended in columns of bubbles - on borrowed time - into their world again, to watch and wonder at this other existential reality. Whilst drifting with the current, looking out for our buddies, and constantly checking our gauges, we found ourselves suspended between two speeding schools of fish, multitudes of little lives flashing before our eyes; watching an entire world pass by - borrowed lives.

My instructor once said that if you held your breath, you could hear the sound of corals breaking from strong currents or feeding fishes, and even fishes "talking" to each other. I wonder if I had held my breath then, would I hear many little voices, or the resonance of a single-minded and greater consciousness?


"What were you doing at Prinsep Street last night? Heh. Heh. Heh."

It's amazing the things your family notices about your life. (And you thought they didn't.)

My sister uses my computer almost every night, when I'm not around. Though my homepage is set to this site, and the beach photo is a giveaway, she doesn't seem to have realised (or cared), much less read or ask me about the blog. Which is a good thing, because I don't know if she'd like strangers to know about her "glace de toilette", or be pleased that her sibling is an aspiring mamasan who believes in keeping the business within the family. Laugh. So, I didn't expect her to take a second look at the online directory I'd left on, and figured that was where I'd gone to after coming back for a quick shower and leaving the house again. Turned out that she also knew about the nightspots in the area. Ah so.

And this morning, my mum told me about the passing of someone's grandmother. She had read the obituary and noted the surname, which was uncommon enough. She also remembered the not-so-uncommon English names of someone's sister and parents - facts that I'd only mentioned in passing many years ago. And she actually remembered.

What would you do...

... if you had a very expressive neighbour downstairs who keeps you awake almost every night with her... eh... screams? (Something about the way sounds travel from her bathroom to your bedroom window, which is just above.) Let's just say it doesn't sound like the variety associated with cold-blooded murder; although if she keeps it - and YOU - up a few more weeks, you just might find yourself breaking into her unit to bludgeon her, and her less vocal but obviously no less enthusiastic partner.

(PS: Not my neighbour lah.)


"MILKMAID Squeezable Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk. [1] To use... [2] invert the bottle and press to add milk to your Nescafe or Milo for delicious creamy taste. [3] Stop pressing the bottle and the flow of milk willl stop automatically. No mess!"

Oh, I'm sure SHE is (squeezable). VERY. Ahem. They don't call her "ang bai" for nothing, you know.


"I hate you. Die." I can actually visualise her saying it; it's just so her. Heh.

Cross-cultural exchange. Eh?! Ewww?! Ack!!!

How to earn $5000 in just 5 days

My $49 AXA Smart Traveller (Individual VIP) policy "pays for each full 12 consecutive hours of hijack" at $500, up to a maximum of $5000.

So, hypothetically speaking, if we were hijacked (feet firmly planted on wooden surface), we would have to be held for at least five days in order to claim the full $5000. Well then, I'll just be making plans for the next holiday while the hijackers are picking out passengers to shoot in the back of the head every 12 hours; and ringing in the cash register each time I'm passed over for another more convincing screamer. If my head is still attached to my neck AND doing its sums after five days, I'll have legitimately earned my $5000. And then, the hijackers will have to let me go. Like, hallo, VIPs don't come free, and AXA ain't paying this one here beyond the fifth day. Of course, I'm always open to negotiation, and willing to consider a longer arrangement as long as I continue to get paid. Heh.

Classified ad

Looking for a buddy on the NAUI Rescue Course, so we can drown, I mean rescue, each other. And, eh... erm... only interested parties who are lighter than 65 kg need apply. Unless of course, you really want to know what it's like to drown for real. (Or, erm, me, for that matter.)

8 days... the Sukhothai Bangkok, generously sponsored by one of the girls' Fish (with a capital 'F' - not quite what you think it's for). Actually, I don't know why we're going on this holiday - except airfare is only $50 and a bit more for airport taxes. And now, in addition, because of the fine accommodation. THANK YOU :-)

I heard you

Slumped quietly in the taxi, with my increasingly heavy eyes and involuntary yawns (sorry! it's not you, it's me), her chatter buzzed behind the shadowy haze of tiredness. But somewhere in my mind, where a tiny part of me was still fighting for each breath, I heard her calling out to me - reaching out, gently tugging, pulling me into her world.


"Personally, I've a theory that the foreword is almost invariably written right at the end. That would be consistent with something else I've noticed, especially after reading the letter from Frank. Several hundred million years elapsed from the time the first amphibians crawled on land, to the moment when a living creature on this planet was able to describe the event. Only now are we able to write the foreword to the history of human beings - long after that history has been played out. Thus, the essence of a thing bites its own tail. Perhaps this is true of all creative processes. Perhaps it holds good for musical composition, for instance. I imagine that the very last thing written in a symphony is the prelude."
~ Maya, Jostein Gaarder


First leg of the Aquathlon. Xena leads by a doggy length.
Every himbo needs his scrub to keep that handsome muzzle looking good. Wipe. Stop drooling!
Second leg - AKA Cross Country Canine Express. Heh.

...and hellhounds

Otherwise known as: When they're not being cute.

0400 hours: Woke up to persistent and loud crunching sounds from the living room - the dogs were chewing on slivers of wood they had ripped from the front door.

The morning after: Elmo snuggled up to me on the chaise, and then regurgitated a fuzzy ball of half-chewed bits of wood.



Frown. Does anyone have problems accessing the blogspot URLs on Internet Explorer?

Counting down to end of July. So. Tired.

The Nightmare Before Wednesday

"lcd? samsung midrange. good for consumers, who is looking for something quality but not too dirt cheap u wonder if it's contraband. we can look see this wed, if time permit. i seldom field study lcd, i think it's time to seriously compare prices."

Wild-eyed look. Shake head violently. Nooo... nooo... not... The Alcatraz of Rochor Canal!!! Don't make me go near those Soul Sucking Black Holes of No Return! I swear I'll never subject another one of your kind to my shopping sprees! I promise I'll be good! Backs away... Bolts!


Just because she could not stop thanking me for being 'nice', I shall be. Not. So here goes. Ahem.

Version 2.01 - Unabridged (in bold). This version is not registered with the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Friends.

"I remember watching the times she sought his company, sitting close, leaning in, and sometimes, gazing a little too long at his face. Sometime during the return trip, she followed him to the back of the boat and they sat on the bench across from me. I kept quiet, seemingly lost in my thoughts looking out to sea - not wanting to 'intrude'. And I saw how, when she was listening to him, her eyes would widen, and her head would be tilted at a certain angle, so she was looking up at him goo-goo eyed, like an adoring puppy waiting for her master to notice her. Although she never did look as if she was coming onto him, she admitted to an attraction. His face, smile and mannerisms were reminiscent of the navy officer (though nowhere as polished as the latter's practised charm). Even the physical chemistry was similar."

Now, what was that she was saying about 'nice' again? Heh.

Death knell

Okayyyy... I really don't like the way my monitor keeps flickering and blurring. Then again, I've had it more than three years at least? Ehhh... any recommendations for a new monitor? Point to self - woman, i.e. clueless.

Resistance is futile

The last two evenings were spent prowling the dive shops to look at regulators, BCs and dive computers, and trying to absorb the barrage of technical information. *glazed eyes* It almost felt like being in Sim Lim Square - sans sweaty school boys and pallid geeks. Heh. Anyway, if I do complete my set of personal equipment, I'll be making the most of it by gearing up and going as far as... my bedroom. Laugh. A decent dive computer costs as much as a trip to Manado. Now I remember why I didn't take up diving sooner!

By the way, why would anyone need a 500m water-resistant watch when most recreational divers cannot go deeper than 40m? Like, do you just need to know that if you dropped your watch, it would survive up to 500m at least? Boggle.


From rainy: for the boys, and the girls (and some boys too).

This cow's got some funny (bull)shit on his site. Like The Man's Card.

Last night, talking to an old friend, I learnt that Seinfeld is a huge Superman fan. Did you know that the superhero makes an appearance in every episode? For one, there is a Superman figurine in Seinfeld's living room. Here's some really funny clips of Seinfeld and The Man Who Wears His Underwear On The Outside. (Watch "Uniform" and "Hindsight".) Try to ignore the shameless hard sell from AMEX. Heh.


My mobile has this stupid thing about the screen going blank just when I'm ready to send off a message I've texted. Just lost a long message with diving course details extracted from the internet - meaning it has to be re-texted. Mutter. But not as frustrating as when a witty remark has been made and I just can't remember what I've texted! Yeah, things do slip my mind that easily. Whimper.

My screen has been doing this strange concave distortion at the sides. Blink.

And, I keep falling asleep around 11pm. Weird.