13 january 2010

So the decade has passed (too soon, as usual). It has, and always, will be significant for me. Here are 10 things that I shall, and choose, to remember the decade by.

What were your 10 most memorable moments?

04 january 2010

I don't remember this but The Youngest swears I once told her that stretch marks (the ones on the sides of her legs) would eventually split open and bleed. It must have been really long ago; and she must have been really young and naive then. Laugh.

* * * * *

The new organisation chart has begun to ink itself into our visual consciousness, and no longer just talk.

It's going to be a busy, busy year.

02 january 2010

01 january 2010

This year, I will:

1) "high five the person sitting next to me" (heh);

2) "throw a dinner party" (erm);

3) "go back to school" (yeah);

4) "be happy and healthy" (yeah);

5) "play the kazoo" (whaaattt???)

* * * * *

And I do suppose I should add too:

6) start borrowing books from the national library instead - because I'm running out of space to keep books;

7) sleeping earlier - because I need to;

8) take more chances - because I missed too many;

9) not be afraid - because I always am; and

10) spread more kindness - because the world needs it, so much.