Looking both ways

31 january 2008

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

"In the 12th lunar month of 19 January to 18 February 2008, because of your dissatisfaction with the previous month, you might be discouraged and demoralised or not be bothered to groom yourself. You will not attract luck this way. So remember to groom yourself in these 2 months. Exercising will help you keep in good physical form and improve your luck. As the throwing of the dice have shown, as long as you keep strong physically and mentally, you will have the drive to see you through this year and be successful in what you do. Do not look down on yourself and miss out on opportunities. Keep out of other people’s affairs. Just look after yourself and do not worry about how other people will feel about you. But do not maintain this attitude towards family, you must take care of them. If you are too caring to others, often you will be dragged down by them or taken advantage of."

So spake Master Bok.

Probably a case of self-fulfilling prophecy. Or not.

I have been feeling overwhelmed the past week. It’s probably just pre-holiday anxiety - trying to tie up the loose ends and the thought of work not getting done for an entire week; although technically, there would only be 2.5 working days ‘lost’ next week.

Well then, I’ll just have to keep reminding myself: “It’s only work.”

As I was saying

One of the ‘regulars’ called in sick for the WHOLE WEEK.

I think she just used up 75% of her medical leave entitlement within the first month of the year.

I am speechless.


30 january 2008

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

The rate at which people in the office are falling sick, I really can’t help thinking something is seriously wrong - and it might actually have little to do with morale issues.

Alrrrrright……so of course poor morale’s got a lot to answer for.

But seriously, going on sick leave just about every other week??! And TWO days worth of medical leave half of the time?!!

The really unnerving thing is that I believe people are genuinely ill.

There’s something about the building……

I (since it doesn’t look like HR is going to do anything about it, SIGH!) just don’t know what to do.

I can only hope that this something would……go away, and soon.

In retrospect

19 january 2008

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

"In the 11th lunar month of 19 December 2007 to 18 January 2008, in work and love, you will be fulfilled. Your wealth will also be good. You should not be impulsive. When making decisions, maintain calm towards matters and people. You should attempt to understand the situation thoroughly. Do not rely on your emotions."

Everything but…



Chilli fingers

13 january 2008

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

My fingers are burning. But at least the tummy’s being filled now - fusilli with tuna and cut chilli (padi) in Muir Glen’s organic Chunky Tomato pasta sauce.

It’s been 5 weeks since the public blog went down. I haven’t felt the… urge, to bring it up - yet. I don’t even feel the urge to write - as often as I did; as compulsively as I once did. I suppose there just isn’t much time these days to think about writing - what to write; how to write. And when I do try to write, I get this headache, and my forehead gets all hot and tingly and tight. Most unpleasant. Is this what “writer’s block” feels like?

Anyway, I’ll be off on another dive trip, barely a month after the last one. This time to Moalboal and Bohol (Cebu, Philippines) over Chinese New Year.

And I just might get to visit 2 new countries outside Asia this year. That’ll be nice, I think.

21 more days.

Counting down

3 january 2008

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

Earlier tonight, I was thinking that as I started yet another new year, I had also been alone for six and a half years now - half a year longer than my one and only serious relationship lasted. And I thought that really sucked.

Later, I had a look at the date of the first entry, of many, right after the break-up, and realised that it was five and a half years - not that it made me feel any better. It simply means I would now be counting down another six months to the six-year mark. Groan.

On another note, I can’t believe almost six years have gone by just like that. Good god. I don’t really think about how life would have changed for S - other than the fact that I heard from J that he got married a few years ago. I think about how my life still feels the same. Of course, that can’t be further from the truth. Afterall, I’m more outgoing and positive these days and the situation at work has improved a lot.

Ah well.

Six more months… or thereabouts.


2 january 2008

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

My head tells me that it was a good year.

I got promoted and received a 25% pay increment and a decent year-end bonus. I am also finding more purpose in my work now, and direction. Yes, I had to work very, very hard and there were - and still are - many stressful episodes and iffy moments which just seem to keep coming my way. But I managed to get through them somehow. Mentally, I would say I have been more stable and positive in the past year. So, I just cannot say it was not a good year.

But the truth is, I feel so empty inside.