And then there were 4

29 february 2008

The contractions started shortly after we took our leave close to midnight. I guess baby had enough of mummy's talkative friends. Heh.

So the Oracle has done it again. And yes people, it's a Boy Leapling :-D

Before I forget, finally hunted down my dentist at her new place in Bukit Timah this morning. I hadn't had my teeth seen to for a year and a half, or thereabouts, and was imagining all sorts of disapproving observations from Dr W.

Had my teeth checked and cleaned, and some minor repair work done. And I'm pleased to report that my teeth are otherwise in pretty good shape. In fact, Dr W kept going on about my big and strong teeth/roots, and how LONG and THICK they were. Ahem. Heh.

Oh Mickey, you're so fine!

28 february 2008

The flowers were for The Oracle, who might actually be delivering a Leap Year Babe.

I caught Mickey the Balloon just as he bobbed forward into the basket of lilies and roses. Isn't this just so sweet? (And I thought SF's black outfit today was a happy coincidence.)

So The Bunny (snicker) has just been replaced with Mickey. I guess the novelty of a grinning SF showing up in a bunny suit (snicker) - courtesy of Sony Ericsson's photo frames - everytime she called my mobile (snicker) was beginning to wear off after a few months.


It was good catching up again, the three of us, over schooling headaches, giving your kid a name with only consonants, civil servants who drive us nuts, finding out that photos of your distorted body are STILL available on the internet (grrr...GRRR!!!), Del Monte bananas (really??!), thigh-grabbing (really!) and knee-rubbing (yah, really!), follow-ups (or rather, lack thereof), dreams about dead bodies, recollections from the past, hopes for the future...

I wonder how it'll be when next we meet...

I found my Happy Song!

25 february 2008

I've been OCDing on hellogoodbye's Here (In Your Arms), and I realised why as I breezed through this Monday morning, nodding to the whimsical tune and feeling really pleased with myself.

The song makes me happy - and I just can't help feeling so :-)

Can't get this out of my head

24 february 2008

The need for speed

Riding the waves

23 february 2008

Hmm. I think I could like wakeboarding enough to do it regularly :-)

Damage meter today: one prata face (owww); one prata chest (owww); burnt thighs; and one very pissed off Bunny. Heh. Heh. Heh.

Home Hic! Home

0203 hours.

X2 decided to call it a night after Roomful of Blues, and declined to join the gang at Muddy Murphy's (or wherever it was the visitors wanted to dance the rest of the night). Didn't think the Egghead's wife was too happy, so it was best to make myself scarce. And oh, The Egg reminded me too much of (the female version) of the AWOL receptionist.

Now to figure out how to wake up in time to get to Punggol in about 7 hours.

Smells like suede

21 february 2008

Top notes: Hawthorn, Cardamom
Middle notes: Iris, Apricot Stone, Pallida
Base notes: Musk, Heliotrope, Leather

"...inspired by a suede so fine, so soft, so barely perceptible to the touch, like skin on skin, an aura and sensation that intertwine to become one and the same..."

I like :-)


I realised this morning that last evening, in a rush to back-up my files so I could get off work, I had backed up the 2-month-old copy over my current work mailbox??!!!!


Someone just kill me now...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Methinks The Best Friend is quickly morphing into The Girl Friend with her... abandonment (???) issues.

What the...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We are conducting another round of interviews again because of two recent (but necessary) departures. One of the applicants wrote a thank you note and referred to me as "the lady who brought me into the room for her gentle demeanour calmed my tensed up nerves."

Okayyy, you can stop laughing and get up from the floor now. Hmmpfff.

Oh, have I mentioned that someone else characterised me as "gentle" on FB? Ahem.

What can I say. I really look demure leh. Yah, I just have to remember to keep my thoughts locked up in my head. Heh. Heh.

Say cheese

20 february 2008

Mum's orthopod has odd eyes - dark irises filling almost the entire eye.

And a too-big nose for a too-small face.

And a toothy smile.

I couldn't help thinking he would offer us cheese any moment during the consult. Heh. Heh. Heh. Just as well he didn't know that was the real reason why I couldn't stop staring.

Oh well, as long as mum's comfortable with her choice of care...

Skin on skin

That first look...

That first smile... across the table, eyes first meeting, searching, then finding, inviting - I dare you. Knowing.

That first touch... knee to knee; the mild shock of sun-scorched skin pressing in on the moment; palm to palm (and the handshakes which drove us nuts); arms entwined pulling in (stay a little longer); knees carassing bare skin (under the table, away from preying eyes). Skin on skin.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

No, I don't have a boyfriend.

My last (and only) relationship was 6 years ago.

No, I don't know why it's been 6 years since.

I work a 5-day week and hang out with The Best Friend once or twice a week.

On weekends, I sometimes hit the beach or just laze at home.

And no, I'm not messing up anyone's life presently. (Would you like me to mess up yours?)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And I thought job interviews were stressful enough.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"And do you know what you want?"

Maturity, conversation and physical compatibility.

(Ah. But of course.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was really the moments when he was quiet - quietly watching - after the comic who everyone loved stepped off the stage, slipping so effortlessly, and readily, between faces.

What goes on in that head of yours, really...?

Seriously speaking

14 february 2008

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

I think I am cursed… or something.


Six-almost years are taking their toll on me.

In retrospect

11 february 2008

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

"This is a year where your luck is smooth and your wishes will come true. As long as you are flexible in resolving your problems, you will be well. You will receive approval from benefactors and even recognition as long as you are humble, sincere and honourable and honestly go about your work, everything will be ok. But you must watch out and not be greedy, or it will backfire.

In this new year, your work will enter a big change. For work and the team and family’s benefit, you might have to sacrifice your enjoyment. Your personal wealth will not be abundant but in spirit, position will have personal sense of fulfilment. Your people relations will be good. You will receive help and in teamwork, will have leadership opportunities.

In this new year, most importantly you must have a lot of drive and go about your work as usual. Then you will receive good returns. No matter how difficult the task, you will resolve it.This year is your lucky year. Whether in work or your life, you will be very busy and you might feel like you have “3 heads and 6 arms” (read: unusual).

This year, your work and career will be good. Employees will receive superiors’ recognition. Self-employed will make big advancements but do not forget to do some charity.This year, beware your respiratory systems. Do not treat lightly flu. They can affect your brain, especially when you have a fever.

In this new year, the sun is shining throughout. But you must beware those who are younger than you and handsome and glib men who will try to deceive you with their charm. Don’t be their guarantor. They are only after your money. Be careful. If you do meet someone who is older than you by 10 years, do not let this opportunity slip. Especially if they are already established in their career, you can become their good help (”xian nei zu”). Remember: it doesn’t matter if they have been divorced, don’t think about these things - as long as you don’t break up a family."

So spake Master Bok.

And the year hasn’t been too bad, actually - work-wise. Well. You know.

By the way, the fortune-teller wasn’t the only one who mildly freaked out when he looked at my palm. L’s reaction was less subtle (wah!!!…violent shake of head…tsktsk!!!…violent shake of head…), and at my insistence (my violent tugging on his shirt to spit it out), his reading was that while I would always find favour at work, love would be very-head-shake difficult.

Doesn’t help that I was also asked twice, during the holiday, about my last relationship. I wonder where those 6 years (almost) have gone - and just like that too. The two who enquired were astonished at the length of the dry spell too.

This is getting embarrassing already.

Oh well.

I don’t suppose I’ll get a reading again this year. I’m paranoid about getting a bad reading.


10 february 2008

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

Back from a most interesting holiday. But I’m tired, and I desperately need sleep. More later.

In the meantime, I wish my earlier - successful - attempt at manifestation would work as well on the breakout. I so do NOT need a breakout now.