31 december 2009

And the last day of the year was spent working (s'alright), having an interesting discussion with The Masters (everything is rational; everything has a reason; cause and effect), drinks with a colleague (I think he likes you), reading the handful of blog entries (I didn't write much this year) and spending a quiet new year's eve at home. Look, seriously, just because I'm not going for some party, unlike you, doesn't make me a sorry sad sod, ok. But I'm afraid I can't say I'll say the same of you if you had NO party to go to though. Roll eyes.


The past year has been.... disappointing; and immensely frustrating for several months. It has been what I would call 'slow', in that it has been uneventful - the months certainly flew past fast enough, and oopsie, it's the end of the year already? Oh.

But maybe I'm getting really good at letting things go and taking things as they come.

"Pain. You just have to fight through, because the truth is you can't outrun it..."
- Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy

I neither am thankful for the ending of the year, nor looking forward to the new year. I know only that I'm at peace.... in a way. Shrug.

I like this new year wish from Neil Gaiman circa 2008:

"...I hope you will have a wonderful year, that you'll dream dangerously and outrageously, that you'll make something that didn't exist before you made it, that you will be loved and that you will be liked, and that you will have people to love and to like in return. And, most importantly (because I think there should be more kindness and more wisdom in the world right now), that you will, when you need to be, be wise, and that you will always be kind."

Indeed. Kindness - we could do more of this....

So there. Happy New Year to all :-)

24 december 2009

Like I said, it was a long session and everyone was feeling the strain halfway through.

After one of the breaks, I returned to my seat, back facing the tattoo artist. He paused and laughed in amusement.

"What???" I asked.

"The bears are still sleeping!"


23 december 2009

The cab driver pointed out to the sign as we went up the slope. He was surprised that a tattoo parlour and hair salon could be found on the hill.

"Who would come here?"

"Me lor."

A few seconds of silence followed as he contemplated the possibilities.

"So you are going to the salon ah?"


Well, technically, I was headed to the salon, which shared space with the parlour.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I survived 5 hours - with toilet / stretch / smoke (not me) / food breaks in between. Am impressed with self. Though I barely made it off the seat after the final session. Laugh. Well, you try straddling a wide chair for that long. And yes, it took that long because it's not a small piece.

The first few hours were pretty ok. The pain was minimal, really, and I was distracted with some chatting and funny stories. Actually, I was more bothered by the cramping arms which were not used to the odd sitting position. The last hour hurt. (Though I maintain a Brazilian IPL still hurts more.) Maybe I had exhausted my natural pain inhibitors by then.

Now for the healing and the shades to settle in :-)

22 december 2009

One more day.

15 december 2009

Waves :-)

I hadn't expected that. But it's lovely. And it's actually rather apt, afterall.

7 days to go; and just slightly over 3 years - by 7 days. Hmmm. Crossing fingers.

14 december 2009

I know my problems seem 'trivial' in comparison to yours.

Tell you what - why don't you just keep your big problems to yourself. People like me probably can't appreciate the scale of your problems anyway. I need to conserve whatever little brain power I have to handle my own trivial pursuits.

12 december 2009

I've watched New Moon.

I'll say to those who never read the books: Don't watch the movie*. Really. Don't. Because you won't be able to follow the movie. At. All. Go read the books instead. *(Not New Moon at least; the first - Twilight - was enjoyable. And it didn't hurt that Robert Pattinson was absolutely yummy. And oh my gawwwd, THAT SEKSI HAIRRRRR...)

And to those who have read the books or are already fans: Maybe you should just go read those books - again. Seriously.

I mean, this has got to be one of the WORST movies I've watched in the last couple of years. And it was all the more disappointing because of all the hype.

1) Chris Weitz, Director - OMG, whatever happened to the excellent work you did with Golden Compass and American Pie??? And the wolves, centrepiece of the second instalment (if not The Volturi) were so... ordinary.

2) The storytelling sucked and the pacing was awlful. The audience was subjected to a bumpy ride of disjointed and uneven scenes, and it felt like the movie was just rushing through to get to the 'important' parts. (Or to film the last 2 books in the saga!)

3) Acting - Or lack thereof? Okayyy, someone had taken the book's frequent descriptions of the vampires as "stone-like" too seriously because the Cullens in New Moon seemed to have lost all ability to emote and mostly just.... stood around. And those 'visions' of Edward Cullen? T.A.C.K.Y. Maybe dropping Ms Catherine Hardwicke was not such a great idea afterall.

4) The Volturi - Gee, what's the point of hyping the various "interesting" characters if only 1 or 2 had enough screen time? The vampires are intriguing precisely because of their special "abilities", yes? But I suppose the actors who signed up just wanted to be part of the Twilight phenomenon :-/

5) Soundtrack - Flat and soulless, I thought it lacked the edge that the Twiight soundtrack had. The songs on their own are nice though.

So, yes, I totally hate the second instalment and believe the film-makers have succumbed to greed to cash in on the Twilight phenomenon before it is overtaken by The Next Hot Thing. I'm now wondering whether to watch Eclipse. With a release date of only 6 (!!!) months later, you have to wonder if it would be another hack job.

Anyway, I had a more enjoyable time with this version of New Moon. I hope you do too.