Alive and limping

28 december 2007

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

And another holiday is over all too soon.

Pulau Weh was beautiful: intact sea fans, big boxfishes, big triggerfishes, big moray eels, big ribbon eels, big octopuses, big schools of jacks and barracudas - BIG (relatively speaking, compared to other dive sites) everything! And yes, the currents were strong at some points.

The stretch of Gapang beach, where our resort, Lumba Lumba Diving Centre, was situated, was just as lovely. The natural charm of the place, complete with wandering wildlife like cows, goats, chickens and ducks, in addition to the usual dogs and cats (and oh yes, those goddamn mosquitoes) - was as yet untouched. There was a tranquility to the place which Malapascua (much as I enjoyed my brief repose there) didnít have - or rather, no longer did.

Minor disappointment - I gave Sophie Rickmers a miss after I got paranoid about the sharp pains around my knees, left arm, a few of my fingers and toes, on the second day of diving, though there wasnít the prickly skin which I got two years ago. Still, I decided not to take the risk; I did the shallower dives while the group went for their 45-50m deep dive test on Day 3 and the actual one on Day 4. When I got back to Singapore, I consulted Dr O, who didnít think it was the bends because the dive profile didnít match the symptoms (too many of my joints were hurting and they were bilateral), and the 40 minutes of oxygen therapy didnít resolve the pains. Dr O did suggest that I see my GP about the pains though. Hmmm.

Before I forget, I must mention the huge pod of dolphins that followed the ferry for several minutes en route to the island. Really cool sight, that :-D They showed up just after a heavy downpour, the skies clearing just as quickly as the dark clouds had appeared earlier. (Speaking of which, Iím still looking for a nice dolphin tattoo; everything Iíve seen so far seems too cartoony.) The dolphins were a welcome reprieve after an entire day of hard travelling by air/land/sea/land, which included a lot of waiting and moving heavy luggage around - and which probably explains all my body aches!

Counting down to Moalboal and Bohol over Chinese New Year, from 3-9 February 2008.

Into the blue

20 december 2007

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

Gone diving at Pulau Weh, Aceh, Indonesia from 20 to 25 December 2007.

Am excited about the deep dive to see the WWII wreck Sophie Rickmers.

In retrospect

19 december 2007

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

ďIn the 10th lunar month from 19 November to 18 December 2007, you will be full of doubts and suspicions, including in love, causing you a lot of stress. Do not let this cause you to give up or change your direction. Often, because of such worries, you change your course. It will only do you harm and all your hard work will come to naught. Do not let a momentís anger or worry decide your course for you. Do not let your emotions decide for you.Ē

So spake Master Bok.

I had my doubts and suspicions - but then, I always did and still do.

I took it all in my stride though - as far as I could anyhow. As for changing my course, well, it wasnít ME who had a change of mind.

But I suppose I did OK afterall. Iím still around, arenít I?

Just waiting for my hair to dry

18 december 2007

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

I have been busy. That is all.

Anyway, itís 0105 hours now and Iím still up - just waiting for the hair to dry.

This private blog is pretty cool, actually. Thereís no pressure to write or think too hard about WHAT and HOW to write.


And oh yes, Iím feeling rather pleased that a familiar stranger from back when I first started writing has reappeared after a two-year absence - or so it seems from her archives; she could have been writing elsewhere. I liked the old blog and she always had such cool layouts - different, but definitely cool.

So, well, thatís the other nice thing today worth noting, I think.

Water Boy

12 december 2007

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

I was feeling better about myself yesterday and decided to be Ďniceí (read: friendly) to people around me.

So, after yoga class, I made my way to the showers and since all the stalls were conveniently occupied, I just as conveniently planted myself next to Water Boy, who of course wasted no time in catching my eye and making small talk, seeing as to how his eyes have been boring into my back for some weeks now, but I had always looked away - mostly because I didnít quite know what to do after meeting his eyes; I shy, ok???

He claimed not to have realised I was in the same class the previous night. I thought that was odd since the all-conversation-stops and eyes-boring-into-the-back had happened again at the showers last night.

Instead, I told him that I didnít miss HIM in class on Monday night - in fact, it was hard NOT to notice him in classes. Smirk. (Ok, maybe Iím not so shy afterall.)

Nice eyes by the way, now that I actually got to look into them up close ;-)

What if?

11 december 2007

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

According to the nifty WordPress Blog Stats, it seems that a few clever readers have located this refuge via Google.

Too bad they wonít be reading THIS post because I just activated another nifty WordPress feature and set Blog Visibility to ďI would like my blog to be visible only to users I chooseĒ - being NOBODY. Laugh. For now, anyway.

I need to be alone with my thoughts for now.

I need to find the courage to write what I need to.

And really, I donít need any well-meaning reassurances that things are not as bad as they seem now and that Iíll be fine - I just need to vent and I donít need anyone discounting what I need to say (sic). And becauseÖ what if?

But for now, I will write - for myself.

"The words have left."

10 december 2007

(And the words return - for now. 20 February 2008.)

Iíve been meaning to do this for a long time. So, itís not that sudden - not to me, anyway.

For several months, I had continued to make half-hearted updates - words that did not even come forth that easily, but I made the effort to continue. The alternative would have been to bring the blog down, because it just did not seemÖ proper to leave the blog in stasis while I ďwent awayĒ.

So I took everything down, even the comment function, and left only a short message. It was not so much by way of explanation - though these words here, which I now write and only I read, do; and C could tell that my heart had not been in the words for some time - but just so people would stop coming by to check for updates.

Workís been keeping me busy this year anyhow.

And so little is happening on the personal frontÖ

Words are little comfort when you start to believe that they might be all you will ever be able to hold close to your ' heartÖ

I donít know how long Iíll be gone.

I donít even know if Iíll write again.

The words have left

8 december 2007

The words have left.

Happy Birthday!!!

5 december 2007

Happy, Happy Birthday, Stapler!!! M U A K Z ! ! !

His name was Cowboy

2 december 2007

The, ahem, "Hero"

Hero wasn't exactly what I had expected. It was less a whodunit (CSI it's not) and more like 131 minutes of the Japanese 'cute' irreverent humour. Entertaining - though halfway through the show, I wished they would just get on with the story.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As for the other one, I couldn't help noticing how people just kept dropping stuff around him. First, it was a handphone, and then the woman's handbag disgorged its contents - and they were rather substantial - onto the floor. Later, someone's bag of popcorn decided to do the same as we walked past. Maybe that's like his 'superpower'. Heh. Or probably just nervous (??? shrug) energy affecting the immediate surroundings. Yeah, it wasn't the stomach flu - it was the butterflies. Probably explains the 'chattiness'. Heh.

Something in the air

1 december 2007

They call it the "Christmas Breeze" - that cool, crisp wind that appears in December; that change in the air all around you which makes you slow down your usual hurried steps to feel the breeze on your face; that tells you Christmas is just 25 days away.

And of course, Pulau Weh is just 20 days away :-D