Eating your cake

Here's a thought. Single and looking? Why not start a dating service? Imagine having the guys' vital statistics (read: profession, income bracket, residence AKA Catch-of-the-Day or otherwise) at your fingertips. No more sneaky questions or trying to listen between the lines. If he doesn't turn out to be quite what you expected, there's a ready pool of women to pass him on to - and they'll pay you for your 'rejects'. Even if you're still single and looking at the end of the day, at least you had fun and made some money while you were at it.

Mind your language

"He was widowed in 1982, and remarried Ho Ching in 1985."

Hmmm. Reunited in (another's) death? Tsk. Tsk.


Teh tarik ice-cream at Island Creamery at Serene Centre, #01-05 :-)~~ Also, Chendol, Tiger Sorbet, Burnt Caramel, Horlicks, Kahlua Latte, M&Ms, etc. And the Bomb Alaska cake and Mud Pie look really good too.

What am I?


! You are most Like A Sapphire ! Dark, mysterious - but unforgettable. You have a deep beauty. Delicate, and shy you try to stay away from the limelight but often your intelligence puts you in at the deep end. You're like a Sapphire, because, your beauty is priceless. You're intelligent, full of opinions, and not big-headed about it all. Sometimes you need to put yourself out there, as you can be a bit shy. Congratulations ... You're the mysterious gem everybody wants to have and learn more about.

Which precious gem are you?

Late morning thoughts

[1] Two and a half more working days to go. So tired. Can't decide whether to spend Sunday sleeping in or hitting the beach - before my legs and heart atrophy.

[2] Guy looks at you and starts fiddling with his wedding band. Hmmm. Why?

Bon voyage

She begins an exciting episode in New York, an unexpected side trip after a very long time away from home, but what's a few more months when you're looking forward to something? Lucky woman :-)


"These words I write to keep me from total madness."
~ Charles Bukowski

Hmmm. How true.

Wet dreams

Seriously, what gives people the idea that it's hunks galore on dive trips? Is it the mere thought of all those half-naked bodies and sleek black rubber suits getting wet? Uh huh. So do seals. Except seals look adorable in that get-up. Fact is, the men come in almost all shapes and sizes - but rarely, hunky. Guts are actually quite a frequent sight. You see, diving is hardly an athletic sport. In between dives, time is spent eating and lazing / sleeping. And yes, checking out the female specimens - but head rotations and eyeball rolling are hardly calorie-burning activities, no? It would have been more appropriate to go up to a guy and say: "Wah, you dive. Sure got chance to meet a lot of babes, right?" Heck, even the women (e.g. your sincerely) check out the bods on the babes. Heh. The way I see it, most men don't care about having their less than perfect bodies out in the open. But it's a different story for women.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

On the candlelit terrace overlooking the Es-pla-NARD waterfront, where I could barely make out the faces of the other diners, his was bathed in its own light. And everytime I looked up, I was reminded of this shining example of humanity - who moved the standing lamp (only one of two on the terrace) from between our tables and repositioned it right next to his table. Unfortunately, said face of humanity would have been better left to the imagination - in the dark.

The magic of living

"... it's all to do with how you look at things, things that've gone wrong. I mean, if you look at them and you say to yourself, oh well, that's life, I guess, only to be expected, and there's nothing I can do about it, then I don't suppose you can do magic. It's what I said just now about in an ideal world. I suppose that deep down you've got to believe that there's an ideal world out there somewhere, and you believe in it strongly enough that you can sort of swap: one little bit of our rotten old real world for one little bit of the ideal one."
~ Paul Carpenter (In Your Dreams, Tom Holt)

It's all in the head - mostly, anyway. You just have to believe.

Ordinarily yours

I gave in to inertia and laid in bed for a nap. On a lovely Sunday afternoon. When I should be dragging my atrophied legs to the beach. But the dogs wanted to laze in bed too. So we did. Simple pleasures of life :-)

Moving pictures

Soooo cute. Especially the scene where the human had placed her sleeping bag in the kitchen next to the mother dog, and went to sleep with baby labradors (a couple of weeks old?) snuggled up to her. Awwww... And what about that bizarre dream scene where Quill's toy bear did a little jig before him? Hehehehehe.


I could fall for engineers with humour like this.

Jacking off

Full frontal.
Getting cheeky.

From Jack, who's now doing his grand tour of the world before the final term in Fontainebleau. You know, it's not every day that I come home to find someone's balls on my table. It warms my heart to know that a man's most intimate bits remind my friend of me.

Speaking up

You know how sometimes, people don't speak up for themselves - what they want (or don't want) - and wait for someone else to speak for them? Bad enough if they don't get what they want (or don't want), and then spend the rest of their life wondering about the what-ifs. Worse when they resent other people for not giving them what they lacked the courage to ask for - for themselves.

If you truly want out, take that step yourself. Don't leave it to him to walk out first - to save BOTH of you more heartache. Unless, you never wanted to leave. In which case, stay; and tell him so. Or maybe you just don't want to be the "Bad Guy"? But haven't you heard, the "Nice Guy" doesn't always finish first?


"Paul Carpenter, love's lemming, adding to his already impressive collection of Frequent Faller points. The rebound is one thing, but the human heart shouldn't be a pinball machine."
~ In Your Dreams, Tom Holt

Frequent Faller points? Hahaha.

Yours faithfully

"It would be easier to talk to them about the faith, and for them to accept God, when they have seen the miracles."

They brought with them medical aid, food and supplies. And the villagers were immensely grateful, and often in awe. Now, don't get me wrong. I think people who volunteer their time for missionary trips are doing a great deal of good. But, 'miracles'??? Are they? Is it right that we should make 'more' of our good deeds? And I wondered too if we are children who have to be 'cajoled' with 'magic tricks'.

Perhaps I am just cynical and have forgotten how to treasure life's little blessings - or miracles. Shrug.

More thoughts

[5] My room is overflowing. Methinks I need a new shelf or designated corner for the sports equipment. 8-|

[6] "Do you write?" I almost told him I blogged (which would mean giving the link), but hesitated and instead offered that I hung around the NUS bulletin boards during school days. Shrug.

[7] I. Am. So. So. Stressed.

[8] And might I add: So freakin' stressed that I can't even fall sick properly. Dammit.

Morning thoughts

[1] After weeks of involuntarily waking up between 4-5am, and effectively getting only 3-4 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night, I finally "enjoyed" 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night - because I'm falling sick :-(

[2] We've been reminiscing about the old days, and thought it strange that incidents one forgot would be remembered by the other. And so, we filled in each other's pictures with pieces from our own. Perhaps that is why shared experiences are so precious - because you never have to fear forgetting. And you know your life is not just a dream in your own head - someone else was there with you, and it was REAL.

[3] Why is it so hard to get hold of Man and Boy??? I can understand if the ulu bookshops at my place don't have it, but Borders???

[4] The Village: I wonder what was the colour of the aura that Ivy Walker saw around Lucius Hunt.

Moving pictures

"Sometimes we don't do what we want to do because we're afraid that other people will know what we want to do to them."
~ The Village

Interesting observation by SF - did anyone notice what's odd about the hats at the beginning of the show? I wonder if they were deliberate.

Doggy tales

Walking past the bedroom, I found them in one of those rare moments shared quietly, lost in their own little world - as he ran his tongue tenderly over her eyes and cheeks, while she closed her eyes in bliss.


Knights in shiny armour. OooOoo... Note to self: Must learn how to ride a horse this year. Running people through with pieces of wood optional - only if they're in my way.

Et cetera

Erm... but you DO have a "foul mouth", no?

I don't know what to make of him.

While I was away

I didn't know about this until mum told me about the latest. It seems almost surreal to read about the first accident only two weeks later. But that's probably because it happened at my stop.

The name that shall not be uttered

Tomorrow in The Sunday Times: "Best Asian Blogger. A sweet young thing with a foul mouth?"

:-o This should be... interesting...

Shapes and sizes

"My mum and dad genuinely believed that they couldn't be happy with anyone else. And I knew that wasn't true for me. I could have been happy with Kazumi. Just as Kazumi could find the human bond we all seek with some other man. And just as Cyd could find someone else to love her. That didn't make what I had with my wife feel like nothing. In some ways the knowledge that either of us could survive without the other made what we had seem more precious. We stayed together because we chose to stay together. In a world full of choices, we chose each other."
~ Man and Wife, Tony Parsons.

What makes it easier for some people to make a choice among many others, even if the eventual choice was not the "perfect" fit, and LIVE with it? And what makes it impossible for others to spend the rest of their lives with just "anyone"? I suppose some of us are just more complicated creatures, with more odd angles, and it's harder to find a near-fit, not to mention the "perfect" one.

Moving pictures

The Revenge of the Dim Sum Dollies.

Scene: Maid in Heaven. Cast: Three fallen maids, and six very gay angels clothed only in white lycra briefs and snowy wings. ROFL.


Eamon: "By falling so hard for someone you haven't shagged, you're delaying the moment of release - permanently. Of course you're mad about her. Why wouldn't you be? You'll be mad about her until you see that she's flesh and blood. Just like your wife."

Harry: "You think I'd stop caring about Kazumi if we had sex."

Eamon: "No. I think you would be able to think more clearly. At the moment you're falling in love with a fantasy, and that's the most dangerous thing in the world."

~ Man and Wife, Tony Parsons.

Many times, his words hit so hard that I wince. But I can't stop reading. I have to know. Will it be Gina? Cyd? Or Kazumi? 30 or so pages to go. Man, this guy is g.o.o.d.


Wow... Island of the Gods, indeed.

Singapore I-Duh

Caught the remaining 20 or so minutes of tonight's show. And... I don't understand. Sure, I get that everyone's tuning in for a good laugh at the croaks and clowns. But, they weren't even funny! Worst of all, the clowns were just pathetic William Hung wannabes trying their luck at the "back door" to fame. Nevermind that they couldn't come up with their own gags - if they're gonna make fools of themselves, surely they could look like they were having fun at the very least? Nope. Dull as dull can be; clones mindlessly lining up for the slaughter. (Ban cloning? Too late, pal. The Men in White have already weaned an entire nation.) Borrring. And painfully so. Like that very funny meh? Sorry, but I just don't get it.

Ah well. Back to my CSI Season 4 downloads. Showing at a 17" monitor near my bed - Episode 10 "Coming of Rage".

Square Zero

So, the modern woman now has more lifestyle choices, and does not have to rely on marriage (possibly to someone she doesn't love) for a better life. But, with rising expectations for a better lifestyle, she once again finds herself contemplating marriage (possibly to someone she doesn't love) to pool financial resources; or simply, to belong in the society that she has worked so hard to become an active member of. Ironical, isn't it?

Lord of the Bling Blings

$?!#$@$!! Stop telling me to insert the "correct CD-ROM"! I already $^@%*$ have!!! Now I remember why I rarely install new games. Foam.

Life is like a box of chocolates

"Since the day I watched the movie, I have never understood why one can buy a box of chocolate and not know what type of chocolates do you get. C'mon, you buy a box of dark chocolate slims, you get dark chocolate slims. You buy a box of rum and raisins, you GET rum and raisins. You buy milk chocolate balls, you get FREAKING BALLS OF MILK CHOCOLATE!!! Even if it's a boc of mixed chocs, it is ALWAYS stated on the packaging what are the different types in there ... The only link chocolates have with uncertainties of life is the probability of how much weight you are gonna put on."
~ W

Nods sadly at weighing machine. Time to hit the beach and / or walls.

"Life is like my underwear. You never know what colour it is."

Actually, if you've noticed how low pants are being worn nowadays... Heck, you can probably even tell the real blondes from the fake ones with a few. Then again, maybe it's because he ain't wearing any. Laugh.

And for some people, it might feel more like: "Life is like your underwear. You never know when it'll start biting you in the ass."


"Really, Singapore may be a red dot, but on a human scale it's a fucking big place. You will never experience it as a whole; saying you love it (or hate it) is meaningless. It's a place to be, that's all. What you love or hate are your friends, family, school, job, whatever. If you were to be born in and lead a similar life in any other stable country, you would no doubt love or hate that country just as much."
~ Nicholas Liu

Hear! Hear!


Kellogg's Fruit Loops and Hershey's Genuine Chocolate Flavor Syrup. An old indulgence - rediscovered. Picked up from some sitcom. I guess they are right about TV being an unhealthy influence. Heh.

(Wait a minute. If it's "genuine", how come it's just a flavour?)


"It was suddenly alive in my head, the thought that was the beginning of betrayal, the most dangerous thought that a married man could ever have. She is out there. She exists. I just haven't met her yet."
~ Man and Wife, Tony Parsons.

80 more pages to go. Will Harry Silver do the unthinkable (actually he has already THOUGHT about it - and probably many more times than he'll ever sleep with the woman) with Kazumi Sakamoto? Don't know yet. But it's like "watching" someone walk right into the oncoming train that you just know will appear around the corner any moment now.


Something I remembered from last Saturday...

Englishman to wife (after she asked him to repeat himself): "Have you lost your hearing?"

She (a momentary flicker of bemusement across her face): "Yes, I believe so."

That little exchange was really quite funny - I guess because I could easily imagine him using the same tone of voice to ask if she would like a cup of tea.


Ethiopia Yergacheffe - YUCK.

The Wedding Banquet

Miscalculated and arrived 45 minutes late to find "my table" filled, and was instead shunted to a table of strangers. A minute after sitting down, I realised the table was for my friend's classmates - from law school - and I was vaguely acquainted with only the tall and dark one with the big white fangs smile. Whimper. And then I found myself the odd one out (in many senses) among established professionals AND married couples WITH kids - the horned finned ones have gone forth to multiply. Smile nervously (for many reasons).

Fortunately, the evening didn't turn out as awkward as I dreaded. They were mostly a funny and easy-going bunch, and... squirm... seemed really... twitch... n... n... cough... ice... nnn-ice... nice people. Wow. Did I just say that? Laugh. One of the couples gave me a lift back and offered to include me in their class gathering. That was sweet - as long as they don't intend me for dessert.


Just learnt that some members of *the* Lee family attend services at The Rock. And our leaders have also been known to consult Buddhist abbots and Fengshui masters. How's that for multi-CULTurism?

Rabid fans

Fans of Takeshi Kaneshiro, direct your hate mail here.

Bits and pieces

Took Thursday afternoon off, lingered over a late lunch in the sun, and then stayed in bed from 6pm until 7 this morning (drifting in and out of sleep every 3-4 hours). Stretch :-) I should do this more often.

Two women and a man

He said he didn't want to be cooped up at home over the NDP weekend, and asked if he could join us while we hung out at her place. He doesn't realise that he'll be leaving his sleepy little chicken coop to walk into a lion's den - with two PMS-ing women. The poor bastard.

On love

"They sat on a park bench, held hands, and told each other their stories hour after hour. They were not lonely anymore. They had found and been found by their 100% perfect other. What a wonderful thing it is to find and be found by your 100% perfect other. It's a miracle, a cosmic miracle. As they sat and talked, however, a tiny, tiny sliver of doubt took root in their hearts: Was it really all right for one's dreams to come true so easily?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Putting the heartache in perspective. Laugh. Culled from Aberwyn.

Man's Best Friend

They say a man's best friend is a dog. My best friend may not be a dog, but sometimes, I wonder about the behavioural similarities.

Monday night, lingering over a coffee after dinner at the Lucky Plaza foodcourt, a big group came by. One of the guys asked if we would mind moving down the table so the group could sit together. I was about to slide over when I realised that my friend had made no sign of moving at all, and instead, turned to me with a half-smile of the GL variety. Eh? Eventually, we did move, after a surreal minute of trying to read my friend's unmoving GL smile and deciding I'll wait for her cue to move.

She said later that she hadn't felt like moving over because she didn't like the guy's face. It reminded me of how some dogs can be, deciding they didn't like a stranger with just a look or sniff. Of course, it's less complicated with dogs - who aren't obliged to "get to know a person better" before deciding whether to like them or otherwise. Heh.


The favourite: Violetta.

The latest: La Rose.

The friend: Dzing! A leathery scent reminiscent of the circus. Mmmm, no thanks, I'd rather not smell like a dried up cow!

Name calling

Say my name!

Talking about which, going into the boarding area at Changi Airport, the officer with the DJ voice said: "You have a beautiful name." Blush.

And the Malaysians thought I was Indonesian. Eh?!

Random thoughts

Hmmm. Why is my site suddenly receiving so many referrals from Yahoo's search engine?

I think I'll want to take up surfing one day. Diving is not... dangerous enough. Heh.

Want to meet eligible young women from all walks of life? Be a cab driver!


Caller: "Hello, Jessica ah?"
I: "Wrong number."
Caller: (hangs up)

Argh! Don't you just hate it when callers hang up just like that? How would they like it if *I* hung up without telling them that they had gotten the wrong number? Sheesh.


Ubung Cafe, Muaya Beach Jimbaran, Jalan Four Season Hotel, Bali. Imagine an entire dining area spread across the beach, tables lit only by candlelight under the dark skies. Imagine dining to the sound of crashing surf, only metres away from the nearest table. So romantic, right? ;-) Now, imagine the taste of seafood grilled over coconut husks, so flavourful and yet light and non-greasy. Hey, there's ambience and the food is actually GOOD! Heh. Rule of Tongue: Eat where the locals do ;-)

Starbucks Tanzania is "a light-bodied coffee with an unmistakably East African citrus character. The flavour is clean and direct, with a pleasing elegant acidity." It's also the only thing I got for myself from the trip - except it's not even local. Laugh. But it's really good. Too bad they don't sell it here.


Sunrise in Bali.
BoOoOom!Remains of the day.
Watching......and listening to the day end.
The final burst.


What's worse than a screaming toddler?

[1] A screaming toddler with lungs more powerful than Mariah Carey's, and can go on for two and a half hours, right through Eternal Sunshine of the Mind. (There was everything BUT sunshine on my mind.)

[2] A screaming toddler accompanied by an orchestra of crying toddlers. It's almost like dogs - one barks and the rest follow.

[3] A screaming toddler on board YOUR flight. So, there's really nowhere else you can escape, unless it was to jump out of the plane. I guess that's why they make sure you know where the exits are located.

[4] ALL of the above - on the same flight.

What a way to come home; especially after you woke up early to watch your last sunrise by the beach. Sigh.