:: Come gently into the light ::

Thy gentle soul hath dwelt too long
On these barren grounds of sadness.
Thy noble heart hath mourned too long
For ghosts who hath no more voices.

Ere thy reveries fall deeper,
Deny poor counsel with the inner fiend.
Awake from thy Winter's slumber.
Hark! A secret voice - whispers in the wind.

Prithee, come away from the veiled night.
Cast these cold chains and set thy soul free.
Fair Knight, come gently into the light
Ere th'memory of th'Sun's warmth leaves thee.

Courage, thy sword, will cleave the darkness;
Faith, thy shield, th'eternal guiding light;
Grace, thy brow, shaped 'pon untold losses;
And Nobility, thy birthright, will bear thee true from thence.

Though thy gaze may never know this voice,
Nor savour, nor embrace, its true essence,
Seek not the hidden hands of the Purpose
That cross our paths with these strange mysteries.

Only, know that thy kind, so rare and precious
Was not meant to fade as forgotten wraiths.

So, pray, come away from the veiled night
Bide not another setting of th'Sun.
Noble Knight, come gently into the light
Ere the light fades from thy gentle eyes.

(c) k. april 2004.